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ERASED: What the Anime Cut Out – Otaku Time (SPOILERS)

It goes without saying, if you haven’t seen the anime, this is going to be kind of weird for you to watch, so go do that.

I watched the anime and *hated* the ending, so I was about ready to make an angry review about how bad this murder mystery show was. But once I read up on the manga, I realized it was an amazing series that wasn’t given a proper animated adaptation.

It is with great joy and fatigue that I bring you the longest video I’ve made so far – coincidentally also my sappiest, most emotionally-provocative video.

Going to take a break from these kinds of one-off videos to focus more on my What Happened videos, since those help me grow the most and these videos don’t get many views despite how much I enjoy making them. Please understand!

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Valve Threatens Removal of Anime and Visual Novel Games

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Recently it was learned that Valve was issuing statements to developers of Visual Novels and other anime style games like HuniePop that they were not in compliance with Steam rules and guidelines and they have been threatened with removal. It appears that the battle for the Waifu has begun and a social activist group has claimed responsibility.

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Anime Censorship in Real Life

if my life was censored like in anime and h3n+@i


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Top 10 Worst Censorships in Anime

Top 10 Worst Censorships in Anime
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Seeing our favourite anime censored is always a kick in the teeth – series like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shaman King, Tokyo Ghoul, One Piece, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Terra Formars, and Sailor Moon, may have suffered the most.

Whether it’s turning cigarettes into candy, wine into grape juice, excessively blurring out gore, or those goddamn jelly doughnuts, localized and aired anime never fail to piss us off. Now it’s time to be sent to the shadow realm.

00:39 #10: Invisible Guns
01:29 #9: Negatives During Gore Scenes
02:31 #8: James’s Bikini
03:21 #7: Cigarrette’s for Candy?
04:11 #6: Hell is Actually HFIL
05:14 #5: Zabuza’s Invisible Sword
05:57 #4: Excessive Gore Censorship
06:48 #3, #2, #1: ???

And if this list got you in the mood for some gory anime check out our list on the top 10 Brutal Anime Death Scenes:

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