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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet — The Joy Of Anime MMORPG Shooting | PS4 Gameplay

Sinon and her sniper rifle go on a scorpion-killing romp, while Kirito and his sword take on robo-spiders in the latest game based on the hit anime.

How does this Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet PS4 gameplay look to you? Let us know in the comments!

More videos from Tokyo Game Show 2017: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpg6WLs8kxGPub7o_Bkr3vZOl6zwjSOfl

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Yeah I think I can draw the next sword art online anime.

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Outro art courtesy of Rikadoh:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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Sword Art Online –Alicization– World Premiere

Sword Art Online –Alicization– will officially have its WORLD PREMIERE at Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne on Saturday, September 15!

This special event is sponsored by AnimeLab and will include a 60-minute screening of the first episode prior to its simulcast debut on the service in October.

Entry will be available to all Madman Anime Festival ticket holders and there will be a special gift for all who attend.

What are you waiting for? Dive in and get your tickets now! ✨ http://mad.mn/sao3worldpremiere ✨

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Bobera Indica S01E35 — Sword Art Online (Anime)

O Bobera indica da semana vem com um anime que mostra que muitas vezes as relações que temos virtualmente podem se estender ao mundo real e se tornar mais reais do que qualquer outra. Sword Art Online envolve muita aventura, perigos e, com certeza muita emoção.

Twitter: @diboberatv
Instagram: @diboberatv
Snapchat: @diboberatv

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Sword Art Online l Anime Review #1 l German

Sword Art Online l Anime Review #1 l German

Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu der ersten Anime-Review. Heute mit Angel Beats. Einem Actionanime. Der Anime erzählt die Geschichte vom virtuellen Spiel Sword Art Online. Der Beta-Tester Kirito ist auch am Start und wir begleiten ihn durch seine virtuelle Reise, bei der es um sein echtes Leben geht. Ich hoffe die Review gefällt euch und ihr seid beim nächsten Mal auch wieder mit dabei.

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(SAO) — Sword Art Online (1st Season) — Why I LOVE This Anime & Its Characters — [HD]

This is pretty self-explanatory thing, as the title says it all, however, if you didn’t get it from there, it’s just a video of me telling of why I absolutely love this anime called SAO (Sword Art Online) particularly the very first season, although I didn’t mind and even liked the Season 2, to me, nothing can compare to the first original season. So, I go over and show a full episode of it, and while doing so I give a narration and commentary while it plays, then I go on and stop talking and let the rest of the episode play out, with the audio so you can become intrigued hopefully, and of course … Have an idea of what I had been talking about before hand haha. Anyway, enjoy.

«He’s a loner and addicted to combat» remind you of anyone? ;).

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Youtube: Trainer Tia
Instagram: TrainerTia
Canale Telegram: @TrainerTiaa

Video realizzato da «TrainerTia», qualunque altro canale su cui trovate tali contenuti non è autorizzato a farlo!
Piccola descrizione personale:
Sono un ragazzo a cui piace particolarmente il mondo dell’animazione giapponese! Da alcuni viene classificata come per bambini, nonostante questo i contenuti sono diversi dalla categoria appena citata.
Fin da piccolo mi sono avvicinato a questo mondo con appunto Pokémon e altri titoli come Yu-gi-Oh e Naruto.
Inoltre adoravo e adoro tutt’ora i super eroi! Da piccino prediligevo quelli della Marvel, in particolare Iron Man. Ora sono dalla parte della DC, i cui super eroi sono veramente incredibili.
Possiedo diverse console tra cui: Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3ds XL, Ps4, ps3, Xbox 360 e altre più vecchie.

Rocket 25: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU06…

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Sword Art Online Abridged Anime Cracks (New Anime Crack 2017 #4)

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►30 Seconds To Mars — This Is War
►Yu-Gi-Oh! — Theme Song (It’s time to Duel)
►Mortal Combat Theme Song
►Eye of the tiger — Survivor
►Vengaboys — We like to Party!
►Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST — Rules of Nature
►Axol — ILY
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