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Drawing: Western Vs. Anime/Manga

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Sword Art Online Limited Edition DVD’s Vol. 1-3 w/CD’s Anime Unboxing

OMG, I LOVE THESE! This is an amazing set to collect, and can’t wait to fill in the collectable box with the other two dvd’s.

Plot: in 2022, humans created a perfect virtual space. Kirito is a player of VRMMORPG (Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) «Sword Art Online» and he’s one of the 10 000 lucky players who get access to log in. Kirito can’t escape from the game and the only solution is to finish it. Moreover, game over means «death» in the real world.

First DVD release of «Sword Art Online» anime series based on light novel series by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. Includes episodes 1 and 2, character song CD, illustrated novel, booklet (16 pages), 2 pin up cards. Also comes with illustrated collectors box by Abec, clear case and digipak illustrated by character design Shingo Adachi.

DVD Includes:
Episode 1 — The World of Sword
Episode 2 — Beater

Bonus Disc Character Songs:
1. My Independent Destiny, Song by Asuna Starring Haruka Tomatsu
2. My Independent Destiny -Instrumental-

Second DVD release of «Sword Art Online» Includes episodes 3 through 5, character song CD, booklet (16 pages), 3 pin up cards. Also comes with clear case and digipak illustrated by character design Shingo Adachi.
DVD Includes:
Episode 3 — Red-Nosed Reindeer
Episode 4 — The Black Swordsman
Episode 5 — A Crime Within the Walls
Bonus Disc Character Songs:
1. Memory Heart Message, Song by Sachi starring Saori Hayami
2. Lovely Super Idol, Song by Silica starring Rina Hidaka
3. Memory Heart Message -Instrumental-
4. Lovely Super Idol -Instrumental-

Third DVD release from anime series «Sword Art Online» Includes episodes 6 through 8. Comes with a bonus CD with character song and 3 pin-ups. Also comes with clear case and digipak illustrated by character design Shingo Adachi.
DVD Includes:
Episode 6 — Illusionary Avenger
Episode 7 — The Temperature of the Heart
Episode 8 — The Sword Dance of Black and White
Bonus Disc Character Songs:
1. Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! Song by Lisbeth starring Ayahi Takagaki
2. Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! -Instrumental-


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Speed Drawing Anime — Asuna and Yuuki (Sword Art Online II)

My camera randomly stopped at some point I’m missing the last 45 minutes. This is my first drawing that I recorded that took over 3 hours so it’s probably because of a limited amount of time I can record. Comment Rate Subscribe and Enjoy video.

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Be a Well Rounded Artist, Learning Anime, and More

I talk about cross-training to be a well-rounded artist, how the basics apply to any drawing style, and when (if ever) to call it quits! Subscribe to Proko: http://bit.ly/SubProko

This video is just a portion of the questions I answered in the full live Q&A from the 12 Days of Proko. At over 2 hours, it is filled to the brim with great questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bqpvusux4n0

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Artist | Instructor | Producer
Stan Prokopenko (http://www.stanprokopenko.com)

Editing — Charlie Nicholson, Stan Prokopenko
Additional Art — Marshall Vandruff (http://www.marshallart.com)

Music Used with Permission
Intro — The Freak Fandango Orchestra

About Proko:
Instructional How to Draw videos for artists. My drawing lessons are approachable enough for beginners and detailed enough for advanced artists. My philosophy is to teach timeless concepts in an entertaining way. I believe that when you are having fun, you learn better. I take pride in producing high quality videos that you will enjoy watching and re-watching.

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Dibujar Anime Primeros Pasos (principiante) (estilo manga)

Hey que onda vatos xD en este vídeo les enseñare como dibujar anime paso por paso para los que no tengan conocimiento de esto bueno igual yo soy un novato me falta mucho por aprender solo les pediré que no critiquen mi voz xD ya que en realidad yo no hablo así pero para dar un poco mas de formalidad hable un poco raro a mi criterio, igual mi voz se escucha muy rara por el micrófono.
PD: Sus nombre son raros D: me tomo algo de dificultad leerlos Dx

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How To Color Anime In Manga Studio 5 [Real Time]

Learn one of the best, quickest and most basic ways to color in @MangaStudio 5 or @ClipStudio @SmithMicro , Cel Shading method! This Drawing took about 31 minutes to complete as a tutorial, Imagine if I way actually trying to be fast, just saiyan…
BUY APPLE BLACK VOL 2: http://amzn.to/2AQj2jT
BUY APPLE BLACK VOL 1: http://amzn.to/2htYtRX

This Channel is about my journey to become a professional comic/manga artist. I will document all the goods and the bads showing my process in making my main dream manga | comic «Apple Black» serialized on Saturday-AM. NEW VIDEOS every Saturday! [mornings].






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Whyt Manga

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Part 1: How to Paint a Realistic Anime Face

Interested in one-on-one tutoring or my brushes? Links below!

To book private tutoring go to: http://istebrak.com/private-tutoring/

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Its growing to be a great community. It’s a great place to be to improve and learn.
The classes typically run from 4-6 pm EST Time Tuesdays and Thursdays.
My DeviantArt page: http://www.istebrak.deviantart.com/

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Everybody Gets Hate! Popular Artist and I Discuss Online Criticism! (With Eng Sub)

This video is also a part of What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep1 At Anime Convention! Yay. It’s Ep6

What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep1 At Anime Convention!

What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep2 At Anime Convention!

What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep3 At Anime Convention!

What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep4 At Anime Convention!

What’s Like To Be A Guest Ep5 At Anime Convention!

My unique SuperCute fashion style that is inspired by J-fashion, K-fashion and traditional Chinese clothes hanfu.
I make DIY crafting, cloths transformations, costuming, hauls, hacks, vlog videos and more.

About me:
Chinese call me yùmǐ (玉米) in Chinese pronunciation.
Non-Chinese call me yumi in Japanese pronunciation.
I was born and raised in China.
I migrated to the US with my parents several years ago.
I graduated from University of Washington.
Now, I’m married and living in the US.

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android52 — ANIME☆GROOVE

Artzie Music — #1 Destination for Unique Music
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Stream/ Download ‘ANIME☆GROOVE’ here:

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➤ android52



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Alpen Rose

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