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Speed Drawing Anime – Asuna and Yuuki (Sword Art Online II)

My camera randomly stopped at some point I’m missing the last 45 minutes. This is my first drawing that I recorded that took over 3 hours so it’s probably because of a limited amount of time I can record. Comment Rate Subscribe and Enjoy video.

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Sword Art Online -Alicization- | Official Trailer [English Subs]

In October, discover Sword Art Online -Alicization- in simulcast, exclusively on Wakanim.tv!

Kirito wakes up in a huge fantastic virtual world. Having lost his memory, he starts looking for clues. He meets young Eugeo at the foot of a black tree. Although Eugeo is a character coming from this virtual world (a NPC), he has the ability to feel and express human feelings. While trying to find a way to log out, Kirito suddenly recalls having run with Eugeo on the mountain where they are. How is it even possible? This memory shouldn’t even exist.

Besides, a young girl with long blond hair is in this memory. She is called Alice.

A name to remember at all costs.


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Recenzja Anime “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online”.

こんにちは! – Konnichiwa! Miecze? Wróżki? To już było! Witajcie w świecie broni palnej! 😀
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|Sword art online: Fatal Bullet| Anime inspirovaná VRMMORPG

🠟🠟 🠟🠟
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Hudba v Intru: ApproachingNirvana – Super Mario 64 – Bob-omb Battlefield
Hudba v Outru: ApproachingNirvana – Duality
Intro a Outro: William Vaulter – Panzoid.com

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Attack on Titan Staffel 3 News │SAO Alicization │My Hero Academia News – Ninotaku Anime News #148

Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Trinity Seven, Overlord, Seven Deadly Sins, K uvm.!
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Sword Art Online Alicization


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[Review Game] Trải nghiệm game Sword Art Online: Black Swordman – Game Anime Mobile

▶ Tải game tại đây: https://goo.gl/BdwBYK

▶ Đăng ký kênh tại đây: https://goo.gl/3W4PIy

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▶ Website game: http://tamsutre.com

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SMASH Sydney Manga Anime Show Cosplay Competition 2017 – Sword Art Online / Gun Gale Online

Entry into SMASH (Sydney Manga Anime Show) Sydney cosplay competition for 2017 with video attached. Gun/Sword, Duo cosplay skit entry, performed at Rose Hill Race Course, 19/08/2017.

Disclaimer – I do not own Sword art online, Me!Me!Me! or Deadpool. They are owned by their respective owners, as well as the music tracks from SAO/GGO and Me!Me!Me!

Sinon – facebook.com/Destria.Cosplay
Kirito – Rayray

Voice of Sinon is by: fiverr.com/usvoiceovermale
Voice of Kirito is by: fiverr.com/bestfemalevoice

Big thanks to all the people who were organised in the making of this skit. It’s a pity that we didn’t win – mainly due to SMASH botching the video so it didn’t play and cut out early. But either way it doesn’t stop my heart felt appreciation to all those involved. so once again thank you!.

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[7] Lostness Time R. Blog | Обзор На Аниме “Мастера Меча Онлайн 2” | “Sword Art Online II”

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“Мир мечей”. Режиссер : Ито Томохико. Автор : Кавахара Рэки. ” Мастера меча онлайн”. Студия : A-1 Pictures Inc.
Дата выпуска: 7 июля 2012

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