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Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch

Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch! These are my Top 5 anime series showcasing the best anime series! Anime series are far from few, there are hundreds out there, but I just recently started watching them so please let me know which are your favorite! Who knows maybe I’ll be able to do a top 10 after binge watching a few more!

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SAO Gun Gale Online Alternative Anime Release Date!!!!!!!!

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funny moment anime 4 by anmi tv online

funny moment anime 4 by anmi tv online

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Watch Anime Online Best Free Sword Fight Showdown Dub

Watch HD quality Anime, updated 1 hour after airing in Japan. Watch Anime —- http://bit.ly/1KLbRvy

Don’t you just love anime to watch anime? I first discovered anime in my pree-teens and must say I got somewhat addicted to it at one moment in time and I’m not talking about the bad types of anime starting with the letter H… If you aren’t familiar with Anime you wont know what I’m talking about and I almost want to advise you to Google it but I think you’ll be blown away at the scary stuff you find so rather don’t do that.

Anime is Japanese cartoons for grown-ups, or most of it is at least. These anime shows are watched by millions of people in the world. Some of the most popular anime series include shows like Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Deathnote and many many more. I’ve watched many of these anime shows before and being a guy must say my favorite types of anime are action, adventure, fighting based anime. Shows like Full Metal Alchemist and Drazon Ball Z are probably my favorite.

The thing however is that it get’s hard keeping up with anime because most of it is aired in Japan and getting episodes in time, at great quality and from reputable sources to watch at home can become somewhat of an issue. I mean most of the shows you watch you can either find online or some you can only find partial episodes. It can get troublesome. The best place to watch anime would be somewhere like Crunchyroll or any other source that actually provide Anime legally to its customers. Check the link below for more information.

Like I said I simply love these action based anime shows that’s why I decided to upload the best anime sword fight scenes video for anime fan and noobs alike. I hope you enjoy watching this anime video and remember if you want to get your anime shows on time, from a reputable source in HD quality you should watch anime here —- http://bit.ly/1KLbRvy

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