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Light Yagamis Death Note Is Super Overpowered — Roblox Anime Tycoon

Roblox Anime Tycoon

Today I try out the death note and see how overpowered it is! Light Yagami in this roblox anime games

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Play Game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2076502090/NEW-Anime-Tycoon

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I am a Family friendy, Kid Friendly Youtuber. Who makes Content in Roblox for kids and for children of all ages. I have no swears, no cursing, which means no bad words and I try to be energetic and as Funny as possible

ROBLOX is an Free app online virtual playground and workshop for kids, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community.

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Roblox → A INCRÍVEL BATALHA de ANIMES !! — Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha 🎮

Roblox → A INCRÍVEL BATALHA de ANIMES !! — Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha 🎮
→Gameplay de Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha, minigame desse jogo divertido chamado ROBLOX!
→Mais uma Aventura no Roblox e, dessa vez, iremos jogar um jogo no qual temos uma batalha de animes entre Goku vs Ichigo!

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☺CLIQUE AQUI para jogar o GAME (Só esperar 5 segundos e clicar lá em cima na direita em SKIP AD): http://bit.ly/AnimeStars

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E aí, pessoal. Tudo bem? Meu nome é Juan, mas pode me chamar de Spagz 😀

Venho trazer pra vocês uma gameplay de ROBLOX para o canal! E, nesse vídeo, jogaremos o minigame Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha. Espero que gostem =)
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Obrigado, e até meu próximo vídeo!

Música da intro: Baewolf — Hope

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What if Roblox were an anime?! This is our take on a Roblox Anime opening. We hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Fun Fact: We went through about 40 different servers until we found a city that fit what we were looking for.

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Roblox Games
0:00 Netsui City
0:23 Sunset City
0:32 Anime High School
0:40 Swordburst 2
0:44 Mocap Dancing
0:48 Elemental Battles

These are all the Roblox Servers we used to make this video!

Credit for the music/words goes to Sakagami Souichi and credit for the vocals goes to Miyabi Mikado!
Instrumental/Website: https://www.tandess.com/en/music/free-material/data/rainy-day-short.html

If you have any requests for videos, let us know in the comments down below! ⬇

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