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Top 35 Anime Endings SPRING 2018

Welp, overall it’s a pretty terrible season for endings. Probably the worst seasonal list I’ve made until now (just how many times did I say this lol). Btw I don’t use single-episode EDs, so don’t ask me where is Darling.

Thumbnail: Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO

Intro song: “KISS OF DEAT H” by Mika Nakashima x Hyde (instrumental ver.)

Outro song: “Take me Under” by MAN WITH A MISSION

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Indovina l’anime dall’ending #1

Ci sono tre livelli di difficoltà e si guadagnano rispettivamente:
FACILE = 1 Punto
NORMALE= 2 Punti
Si hanno 15 secondi per ascoltare la canzone e successivamente 5 secondi per vedere la soluzione, dopodiché si passerà alla canzone successiva! Commentate sotto con il punteggio ottenuto es. 0/39 (il punteggio massimo è 39).
Se il video ti è piaciuto iscriviti perchè così mi rendi felice e se sono felice faccio altri video 😉

Sword Art Online
Death Note
My Hero Academia
One Punch Man
Attack On Titan
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Tokyo Ghoul

Code Geass Ending 2
Assassination Classroom
soul Eater
Hunter x Hunter

Yuri!!! on Ice
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Your Lie in April

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The Best Anime ED of 2017… According to Crunchyroll

A look at the nominees for best ED in the 2017 Anime Awards. Which one should win?
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【1234曲 アニソンメドレー】 Top 1234 Anime Songs

1234 anime songs ( アニソン )。 See English description below. 私の訪問者のほとんどは日本から来ているようだ。 ようこそ! ここでは、過去からの私のお気に入りのアニメソングの一部です。あまりにも他の良い曲をお勧めしてください! (すみません。私はあまり日本語が上手ではありません。それでも、コメントは大歓迎されます!)

Completely subjective list of some anime songs (i.e., with lyrics) I like that I’ve run across over the years. I’ll warn in advance that there are spoilers present throughout the video.

Guidelines [ガイドライン]:
1. Music: Needs to be officially connected to anime/manga in some capacity (OP, ED, IN, CS, IM, RD, etc.) Only the songs I really like. Top 7-8% or so. Album versions if possible.
[音楽:何らかの形でアニメとつながっている。 (OP、ED、IN – 挿入歌, CS – キャラクターソング、RD – ラジオドラマなど)私が本当に好きな曲のみ。 私が聞いたことのトップ7%-8%。 可能であればアルバムのバージョン。]

2. Video: No credits. Try to make it a bit cinematic with decent transitions. This is not an OP/ED video (those distinctions don’t matter to me), so if a proper video doesn’t exist (or I don’t like it), edit something together myself to fit the song.
[ビデオ: 善いトランジションで映画のように作りましたが、ソースビデオがないところ(あるいは好きではなかったビデオの場合)は、自分でビデオを編集し、曲に合わせました。]

3. Theme: Smiles and happiness are good.

Assorted statistics for those who like to keep count:
Distribution by decade: 1960s: 5 ※ 1970s: 14 ※ 1980s: 157 ※ 1990s: 254 ※ 2000s: 494 ※ 2010s: 310
Average Song Date [平均日]: Feb 2002 ※ Median Song Date [中央値]: 2004 ※ Modal Year: 2007
OPs: ~500 EDs: ~555 INs: ~160 Other: ~20

Thanks very much for viewing. In a lot of ways, this represents what I love most about the medium, so I wanted to share in the hope someone else would find a song, artist, or show they like. Suggestions always welcome.

No ownership or rights to audiovisual material within this video is expressed or implied. Please construe the contents as criticism/commentary under 17 U.S. Code § 107.

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