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Top 10 CLICHÉ negli ANIME!

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6 Annoying Anime Tropes (Ft. Yaroshien)

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Big thanks to Yaroshien for voicing the boy in this video!

And thank you to Moonshine Animations for voicing the gruff-sounding guy in the magical girl bit haha!

Woohoo! 4th video of November! I didn’t think I’d upload so much in one month, but it sure took a lot of coffee and willpower!
My voice sounds kind of echo-y in some parts of the video, which I blame entirely on my room….I’m trying to fix the sound situation slowly but surely haha….

This video topic is a little different from what you’re probably used to seeing, but I’d love to hear what you think! Thanks so much for your continued support, and I hope I can bring a little entertainment in your life with each upload!

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Anime ItsFunneh | Drawing YouTubers

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Anime MUS Collection 2018 Vol.1 | Free music download to listen online 【 Aloma Steele – Over】

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Anime-MUS [NCS] | February

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My Art Teachers HATE Anime And/Or Me

Title pretty much says it all! When art teachers hate anime and manga, or even you! Keep in mind that this video focuses on the high school years as you watch. Have you guys had any similar experiences in school? Doesn’t matter the year or if it was even college or university. I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities for teachers and professors alike to hate on someone! LOL 🙂 I hope this video helps some of you guys out there!

Is there more to this story? Of course, there is what we present as the creator of the video but there will always be more than what we’re able to record. Due to certain comments I guess I’ll delve a little further into the story. Here are some questions you guys had:

Q- I’m totally afraid to go to high school now!
A- Don’t be! There will always be good teachers and bad teachers. I LOVED my college professors. You might have a teacher just as supportive as one of them! Keep your chin up and keep going! You can do it.

Q-Why is this video so negative?
A- It’s a negative topic that I’m addressing. I’m hoping by talking about something that was a negative experience for me, it will help someone going through a similar situation. In that way, it’s positive.

Q-You obviously failed because you can’t follow instructions.
A-I followed instructions to a T and never talked back. Or in class, or ever really. Damn I was a good kid. LOL

Q- How can you say you were better than the other students in the class?
A- As I said, I’m not an artistic genius, I actually believe everyone in high school sucks despite how relatively good they are. This is only because at this point in your life, it’s the infancy of being an artist. It’s the beginning of your art journey. Over time you will improve and look back upon yourself and say, “hey, I really sucked.” It’s just a natural point of progression. I said I was better than a large portion of the class because a large portion of the class took art classes for an “easy A” and were very outspoken about it. There is a huge difference between someone who comes in and spends extra time to work on a piece and someone else who sits there and talks the whole time, barely looking at their paper.

A- Blah. This video was about me in High School. I was much younger back then and my personality was much different at the time. I was a very quiet girl who got very good grades in school. I completed EVERY assignment I was ever given to the best of my ability. I was a “try hard” sorta kid and always went out of my way to get my work done. I didn’t have a voice back then and people walked all over me. Now I have a voice and I tell a story from an unheard perspective. If you want to think I sound snobby, I can’t help that. I personally think I come across as firm, but whatever. lol

Q- You’re making fun of the art teachers!
A- Nah, where did I do that? If you’re talking about the fish head paintings, I’m criticizing them not teaching, not their art. I could give a damn if they drew fish heads on their own faces.

Q- They are “bad teachers” because they had to buy their own supplies and do art to fund their own classes. You’re so insensitive to the plight of art teachers!
A- Actually, my school is located in one of the wealthiest counties of America. We have passed the school budget many, many years in a row. They have added many wings and buildings onto our school system. We had a lot of money going through the school system so it was never an issue. Teachers START and receive 70 grand a year. Then they start their “steps” and many of them receive far over 100 grand a year. Money isn’t an issue here. I’m also not insensitive to the plight of art teachers and funding. A lot of schools cut back in the art department and that’s terrible. Makes me really sad. 🙁 But yeah, totally not an issue when I was in school. In fact, they were looking of ways to spend the money so that they would get the same amount next year. If they had excess money, it would be cut from the budget the following year.

Materials Used:
Copic Markers
Staedtler Fineliners
Prismacolor Col-Erase
Uniball Signo
Sakura Gelly Rolls

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Royalty Free Music @ Kevin MacLeod

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Why My Teachers Hated Anime (My Middle and Highschool Art Story)

Keep in mind. this was my experience with my teachers. I am not trying to tell anyone to change their art, just try to learn other things and keep an open mind in regard to learning about art. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and leave suggestions in the comment box below.

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Uni-pin in sizes 01 and 03
Black Fine Point and Extra Fine Point Markers
Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencil
Stedler White Eraser
Artist Loft White Eraser
Georgia Pacific Cardstock Paper
Copic Ciao and Sketch Markers

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Why Your Art Teacher Hates your Anime Art

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Music used:
Punpee – Oyome ni oide
Remigai – Acid

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Музыка в начале ролика Triple M – 2GETHER
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Anime ►
1) Может, я встречу тебя в подземелье? / Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka / В подземелье я пойду, там красавицу найду
2) Кафе Кроличий дом / Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka / Заказывали кролика?
3) Судьба: Девочка-волшебница Илия / Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
4) Эроманга-сенсей / Eromanga-sensei
5) Акашийские хроники худшего преподавателя магии / Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records / Хроники Акаши – худшего магического преподавателя
6) Эроманга-сенсей / Eromanga-sensei
7) Истории монстров / Bakemonogatari
8) Морская школа / High School Fleet / Старшая школа ВМФ: Морские русалки
9) Ушастые друзья / Kemono Friends / Друзья-зверушки / Друзья зверушки
10) Эроманга-сенсей / Eromanga-sensei
11) Клуб К3 / C3-bu / Клуб С3 Женской академии Стелла
12) Темный дворецкий / Kuroshitsuji / Тёмный дворецкий
13) Тирания вооруженных девушек / Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism / armed girl’s machiavellism
14) Акашийские хроники худшего преподавателя магии / Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records / Хроники Акаши – худшего магического преподавателя
15) Ангельское трио / Tenshi no 3P! / Ангельское трио!
Music ►
Музыка в начале ролика Triple M – 2GETHER
1) Station Earth – Age Of Reason
2) GTA feat. Sam Bruno – Red Lips (Mendus Remix)
3) Calvin Harris & Rihanna – This Is What You Came For (Gioni Remix)
4) Pusher – Clear ft. Mothica (Shawn Wasabi Remix)
5) Serebro – Mi Mi Mi (Radio Edit)
6) Buku – Front to Back
7) Kevin Courtois – Hideaway
8) Big Fish/David Blank – Bullet In The Air
9) Haddaway–What Is Love?
10) it’s different x Helen – Tell Me (Original Mix)
11) Europe – The Final Countdown
12) Zack the Lad – Mek Dem (Laetho Flip)
13) Hold (feat. Jessica Jarrell) [Candyland Remix]
14) Don Diablo feat. Maluca-My Window (Radio edit)
15) Daft Punk vs. Kana Hanazawa – Get Ren’ai

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11) http://coub.com/view/e3d1g
12) http://coub.com/view/tvteh
13) http://coub.com/view/tfo6d
14) http://coub.com/view/tzmfk
15) http://coub.com/view/vud02

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Here is a recent speed art of Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online, digitalised from a old drawing.

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