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Bal Ganesh – Kids Tamil Favourite Animation Movie

Bal Ganesh – Tamil
Lord Ganesh is worshipped before commencing any new task. Lord Ganesh is believed to bring good luck along with him and hence he is invoked before starting any new project. Lord Ganesh was brought to life by Goddess Parvati to guard herself from people entering her bath. The birth of Lord Ganesh is a legend in itself. This movie narrates many legends from the life and times of Lord Ganesh in the most exciting way possible.

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Get ready to cringe yourself to oblivion, scrubs.

Guaranteed views and subs, yo.

… Please don’t leave me.

// MUSIC //
bo-en – miss you
Yello – Oh Yeah
Enya – Only Time
Christian Circulation: https://soundcloud.com/thelaxone/christian-circulation
AnoHana OST

Special shoutout to the homies ChibiReviews and Lost Pause for taking those savage roasts.

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Top 10 Sexiest Male Anime Villains

Top 10 Sexiest Male Anime Villains
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These sexy anime men may try to kill you but we can’t deny their sexiness. For this list, we’ll be looking at male anime characters that may be on the wrong side of things but are undeniably attractive. Good boys gone bad and bad boys gone good – they’re all viable for this list. Also, be on the lookout for a fair few spoilers down the line. We’ve included characters such as Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass, Ferid Bathory from Seraph of the End, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques of Bleach, Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto series, Sesshomaru from Inuyasha and Shinsuke Takasugi from Gintama.

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New MMORPG (Soul Worker Online) Anime Trailer!!~

Soul Worker Online Reminds Me of Closers 😀 These Animation Trailers Are So Cool~ Like Elsword Haha
Recommended to Watch at 720p!!~
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billboard japan weekly hot animation 09-07-2018 [Top 20 anime songs ranking]

billboard japan weekly hot animation 09-07-2018 [Top 20 anime songs ranking]
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twitter: https://twitter.com/JpopOriconNF
billboard japan top 20 anime opening songs
This chart video is only a preview of billboard Chart (http://www.billboard-japan.com/)
The Chart is based on billboard (http://www.billboard-japan.com/) official Chart
This video and this channel are none official nor related to billboard (http://www.billboard-japan.com/) company in any way…
I don’t own any rights for the videos used in this project so my hopes are to consider it as a none more than video for supporting the respective owners
For my viewers, consider buying your beloved artists DVDs from official stores and support your favorite artists
for purchase and details links and full top chart
visit: http://www.billboard-japan.com/charts/detail?a=anime
01 – Aqours – Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours CLUB CD SET 2018(Hop・Step・Wai!) »» Love Live! Sunshine!!

02 – DAOKO × Kenshi Yonezu – Uchiage Hanabi »» Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?

03 – 4Luxury [Kaori Sakuramori (CV.Kouri Arisa)、Fuka Toyokawa (CV.Rie Suegara)、Reika Kitakami (CV.Emi Hirayama)、Konomi Baba (CV.Minami Takahashi)] – THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 09 4Luxury(Hanazakari Weekend✿) »» THE IDOLM@STER

04 – Kenshi Yonezu – Peace Sign »» Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season

05 – Gen Hoshino – Doraemon »» Eiga Doraemon: Nobita no Takarajima

06 – Eir Aoi – Ryuusei »» Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

07 – Ranka Lee(Megumi Nakajima) – Seikan Hikou »» Macross F

08 – sumika – Fiction e.p »» Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

09 – Masaharu Fukuyama – Rei -ZERO- »» Detective Conan Movie 22: Zero’s Executioner

10 – Quruli – Daiji na Koto / Wasurenai Youni »» 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

11 – UVERworld – ODD FUTURE »» Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season

12 – Tatsuro Yamashita – Mirai no Theme »» Mirai no Mirai

13 – Aqours – WATER BLUE NEW WORLD/WONDERFUL STORIES »» Love Live! Sunshine!!

14 – Hiroyuki Sawano – UNICORN »» Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

15 – IDOLiSH7 – Nanatsuiro REALiZE »» IDOLiSH7

16 – Kenshi Yonezu – orion »» 3-gatsu no Lion

17 – XX:me – escape »» Darling in the FranXX

18 – Nogizaka46 – Sora Tobira »» Nanatsu no Taizai Movie: Tenkuu no Torawarebito

19 – Soma Saito – Date »» Seiyuu

20 – SEKAI NO OWARI – RAIN »» Mary to Majo no Hana

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RADIANT 「ラディアン」- ANIME TRAILER (English Sub)

All rights reserved to NHK | fall 2018 anime
Radiant anime PV english subbed
Voice actors : Seth : Yumiri Hanamori (花守ゆみりさん)
Mélie : Aoi Yūki (悠木碧さん)
Doc : Shintarou Oohata(大畑伸太郎さん)
Alma : Romi Park (朴 璐美)
From the manga Radiant/ french comics Radiant
Radiant Manga
Radiant PV/ Radiant : the animated series english subbed
Anime Radiant trailer 2018
October 2018
(C)2018 Tony Valente, ANKAMA EDITIONS/NHK, NEP

Anime fall 2018 : – Sword Art Online: Alicization
– Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
– Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai
– Sora to Umi no Aida
– Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
– Hinomaru-Zumou
– Shingeki no Kyojin season 3
– Gyakuten Saiban: Sono “Shinjitsu”, Igi Ari! Season 2
– Thunderbolt Fantasy 2
– My hero academia season 3
– Dragon Ball Chou Movie
– Tokyo Ghoul RE
– Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu – Memory Snow

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Top 10 Uncensored Anime Series!

Hello Everyone! My name is Yamato!
Welcome to My Top 10 Anime Countdown!
This Week’s Countdown is My Top 10 Uncensored Anime Series/Shows!
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Official Sites: (Highly Recommend)
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Other Sites: (Optional)
• Kissanime
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• GoGoAnime

~~~~~~~ TOP 10 INFO ~~~~~~~
• ALL of my Top 10 Countdown’s are created and ranked entirely on my PERSONAL OPINION!
• I Do Not Feature Anime That I Haven’t Seen Before!! How can you recommend something you’ve never seen?
• Each Anime I feature is Rated/Ranked by how much I personally enjoyed watching, I don’t follow public ratings or majority votes!! EVERYONE has different tastes, opinions and preferences for Anime!!

~~~~~~~ ANIME OF THE WEEK INFO ~~~~~~~
• I have an enormous amount of Anime in my Watch-List, I continue to add new series to my list on a daily basis! xD
• How do I pick what Anime to Recommend? — Simple!: In a week I watch a handful of Anime Series and out of the Anime I watch, I pick my most favorite series and share it with you guys!!

I do not tolerate Spoilers!! Any comments that contain Spoilers will be DELETED for obvious reasons!!.. Don’t spoil, it’s VERY annoying..

Thank You for watching, and until next time… Take Care!! ^-^


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Sword Art Online Anime Music Video – Kirito x Asuna

Finally made another AMV after being so busy for so long.

I kept this AMV in order as much as possible to show the progression with Kirito & Asuna.

I rushed the last couple of minutes because I had no more footage.
I also added Episode 1 of Season 2 because.. again.. I ran out of episodes.

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