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Anime-Trailer zu Pokémon Omega Rubin und Pokémon Alpha Saphir

Stimme dich mit dem aufregenden Anime-Trailer zu Pokémon Omega Rubin und Pokémon Alpha Saphir auf dein Hoenn-Abenteuer ein! Besuche unsere offizielle Internetseite, um mehr über die Figuren, Pokémon und Orte, die dich auf deiner Reise erwarten, zu erfahren!

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FNIA: Ultimate Location ALPHA DEMO (Five Nights in Anime 3)

Here’s the ALPHA DEMO of «FNIA: Ultimate Location» / Five Nights in Anime 3. Although the sub titles is similar to Ultimate Custom Night and Sister Location, this will not play like those games, as you can see here.

Of course this is only a fangame and DOES NOT replace the original in anyway, so support the official series of games by Scott Cawthon! — https://store.steampowered.com/app/319510/Five_Nights_at_Freddys/

gamejolt page here (and download) — https://gamejolt.com/games/fivenightsinanime3/326654

If you’re interested in the wacky thing that is FNIA, check out the Visual Novel played here (FNIA Cloud Novel)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tkebQVVPEA&list=PL3oHCEYBmM_nhsXmEQsD6psQ6_wq6jVr-

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About: Five Nights in Anime is basically a Alternate Universe (AU) of Five Nights at Freddy’s. This parody AU has all of the animatronics become Anime like Females (even if they were girls to begin with) and for whatever reason, are pretty interested in the player. They don’t mean no harm, but they tend to forget how fragile us humans actually are.


Five Nights in Anime 3 (FNIA: Ultimate Location) is the third game in the Five Nights in Anime series, and this time takes the Five Nights at Freddy’s parody in a similar, yet different direction. Although the game has the «Ultimate» and «Location» sub title, it won’t be like the original FNaF: Sister Location or Ultimate Custom Night

Instead of trying to be like FNaF 3 or Sister Location, or UCN (how FNIA 1 was like FNaF 1 etc), the focus this time around is to combine what was good from the last two games, and bring the concepts of the «Scrapped» Animatronics from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator into play. At this early stage, my idea is to have the Scrapped Animatronics be the main priority in who you have to defend against, with past FNIA animatronics and new such as the Funtimes and Rockstars coming in to distract you from your goal.


Currently this game and even this idea is in HEAVY early development. This game may not even get completed, so I really just wanted to put that out there for anyone with high hopes for this project being finished. I want this to be a fun project I can do on the side, and hopefully get it done when it gets done.


Just like with the past Five Nights in Anime games, this will also be a parody to the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. This will not be a replacement of any kind to the original series of games, so please support the official release — http://store.steampowered.com/app/319510/Five_Nights_at_Freddys/

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Roblox → A INCRÍVEL BATALHA de ANIMES !! — Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha 🎮

Roblox → A INCRÍVEL BATALHA de ANIMES !! — Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha 🎮
→Gameplay de Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha, minigame desse jogo divertido chamado ROBLOX!
→Mais uma Aventura no Roblox e, dessa vez, iremos jogar um jogo no qual temos uma batalha de animes entre Goku vs Ichigo!

☻CLIQUE AQUI para se inscrever: http://bit.ly/VouMeInscrever
☺CLIQUE AQUI para jogar o GAME (Só esperar 5 segundos e clicar lá em cima na direita em SKIP AD): http://bit.ly/AnimeStars

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2fmbxqF
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Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fk63NJ

E aí, pessoal. Tudo bem? Meu nome é Juan, mas pode me chamar de Spagz 😀

Venho trazer pra vocês uma gameplay de ROBLOX para o canal! E, nesse vídeo, jogaremos o minigame Anime Stars Online : Pre Alpha. Espero que gostem =)
Se puderem, ajudem divulgando e clicando no gostei. E claro, fiquem à vontade para se inscreverem, comentar e adicionar o vídeo aos favoritos. =D

Contato comercial: juanrojf@ gmail . com

Obrigado, e até meu próximo vídeo!

Música da intro: Baewolf — Hope

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Valve Threatens Removal of Anime and Visual Novel Games

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Recently it was learned that Valve was issuing statements to developers of Visual Novels and other anime style games like HuniePop that they were not in compliance with Steam rules and guidelines and they have been threatened with removal. It appears that the battle for the Waifu has begun and a social activist group has claimed responsibility.

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