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Why is Cory In The House an anime? The history and origin of the best anime meme

Is cory in the house an anime? Not only is it an anime but it is the best anime EVER! How in the hell did a Disney live action TV show become an anime and meme?

Some of you may remember Cory In The House as being a classic children’s television show that aired on the Disney Channel in the mid 00’s. It was a live action spin off series from the popular show “That’s So Raven”. Sadly Cory in the house only lasted a couple seasons before being cancelled. Years later it became part of an ironic fandom that referred to the show as an anime, not just any anime, but the best anime EVER!!! It was accompanied with the best video game ever as well!!! It all seems strange but surprisingly there is a reason to the madness. The history and origin of the greatest anime of all time!

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Filthy Frank: Anime Opening

Art, animation, editing and compositing by RNKN
Additional editing, Japanese credits by Pidgy

Inspired by FilthyFrank’s video “every anime” on TooDamnFilthy. This is a parody.

Download the desktop background!

Filthy Frank Anime Opening Desktop Background

Programs Used:
Adobe Animate CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Sony Vegas
Manga Studio EX

Silhouette (シルエット)” by KANA-BOON
Naruto Season 16 Opening


And other FilthyFrank characters.

Thanks to those in the FilthyFrank subreddit who gave their suggestions and favorite moments!

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Top 10 NOTICE ME SENPAI Characters In Anime

Which characters in anime want to be noticed by their Senpai the most?


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