Your Anime Sucks: Sword Art Online II (Part 2) IS ELSEWHERE

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28 Replies to “Your Anime Sucks: Sword Art Online II (Part 2) IS ELSEWHERE”

  1. I have to note that at 9:55 and 10:04 you complain about panning shots, but the footage you show is of a track out on a fight, and tracking a camera sideways. Panning would actually be pretty impressive and high budget, even if everything was still. I't easy to move your drawing one way or the other, but with panning, every line in the foreground of every frame has to be different, even with still objects.

  2. In Part One it was said the Charactermodel is randomised generated so how has Deathgun the laughing coffin logo on his arm? It could be that you could, I don't know tattoo your body otherwise it is a bit suspicious when a charcter is created and has a laughin coffin logo?

  3. First let me start off by saying that I think SAO is a mediocre anime its def not the trash you make it out to be but its def not the quality its ratings/popularity would lead anyone to believe.

    With that out of the way let me correct you on some things you blatently lied about in your video, since i can't find any comments that do that and the SAO hate circlejerk is strong here.

    FIrstly 2 of your complaints in the video the one about the finals of the elimination match not being explained earlier on in the anime and the one about the information for the actual finals of the bob tournament are answered in the same episode during the SAME SCENE which should have been by the tone of your videos, ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE SCENES.

    You harp so much about the cafe/bar exposition it amazes me that you couldn't be bothered to watch the ONE exposition scene that doesn't take place in one of your hated exposition dump locations.

    While Kirito and Sinon are registering for the BoB tournament you watch as Kirito realizes that he needs to fill in his personal information in order to recieve his reward for winning the tournament Sinon finishes her registration and asks Kirito if he is done. In what can only be assumed was a paniced reaction kirito hits accept without entering ANY information including you might have guessed it ……. yep ur right his e-mail address Is it really too much of a stretch then to imagine why he needed a recap of the rules? (maybe cause he never got an email explaining the rules in the first place and he lied to sinon to get her to explain it). Secondly literally right after the hurried registration SInon comes over to Kirito's terminal and asks him what bracket he ended up in.

    After she sees that she ended up in the same bracket as Kirito she then remarks something along the lines of, oh we ended up in the same bracket but its not a big deal because as long as you make it to the finals of the elimination round you automatically advance to the main tournament.

    Now I understand that you dislike the series still that doesn't excuse you from arguing against consistent world building. Lets start with the fact that ALL VRMMO's in this universe (at this time) are built around duplicates of the exact same source code, ( i belive they call it the kernel) this is what allows people to transfer their gaming accounts from one game to another with most of their skills and sometimes even items or currency between games.

    You then make a comment about Kirito using psychic magic (for some comedic effect) in his first match of the elimination tournament even though we have seen this skill used multiple times before tracking the girl who died in his guild in season 1 tracking liz in season 1 hearing/senseing the familiar in the second part of season 1, and now again we see it in season 2 being used for a same or similar purpose (you might not like what is being done but you cannot fault a series for using know skills and abilities and staying true to its world building).

    Again in the same vein yes the world building might be stupid and not make any sense but the fact that kirito cannot see sturben's name outside of the list of characters participating in the tournament is part of the world building as even in the original game SAO the only way to see someones name was to be in a party with them or to be told their name, hence why people INTRODUCE themselves all the time you can critique a worlds quality, but do not critique a world for staying consistant to its RULES.

  4. If the character models are completely random then how does Death Gun have a Laughing Coffin tattoo on him? Is there a way to customize your character after all? Or was the tattoo not really there and Kirito just imagined it?

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