YOU CHOOSE the Top 10 Best Summer 2018 Anime | Anime FMK SUMMER POLL


Angels of Death — 2:00
Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion — 4:43
Asobe Asobase — 9:03
Cells at Work — 11:35
Banana Fish — 14:26
Chio’s School Road — 21:03
Hanebado! — 23:34
Dropkick on my Devil — 26:50
Grand Blue — 31:30
Harukana Receive — 36:19
Holmes of Kyoto — 39:18
Happy Sugar Life — 42:25
Late Night! The Genius Bakabon — 49:47
Lord of Vermillion: The Crimson King — 53:30
How Not to Summon a Demon Lord — 54:10
The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar — 56:05
Planet With — 1:00:30
Music Girls — 1:05:54
Phantom in the Twilight — 1:07:52
Revue Starlight — 1:09:12
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs — 1:12:36

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22 Replies to “YOU CHOOSE the Top 10 Best Summer 2018 Anime | Anime FMK SUMMER POLL”

  1. Oh boy this is some trash taste. Asobi is meh? Hanebado is bad? Angel of Death is okay? Also maybe stop assuming that the showing of panties equates to a panty shot.

  2. After watching TFS production for so long I started to developed an impression that the crew and I have similar anime tastes. This wasn't grounded in anything but by extension of being fans of anime I thought "well I know everyone has different tastes but there must be some things that we enjoy." FMK has shown that I never knew TFS staff and I was wrong. I love watching your product but it's becoming depressing that what I enjoy get ripped apart on this show. This season is rough and trashy but I guess for me I can find enjoyment in that where others don't.

  3. Speaking as one of the people who have read the Chio's School Road manga, I feel people will be a bit more forgiving of Kirran when Lester the lesbian molester is introduced.

  4. Ben my dude you're the one with whose opinions mine most align, but you've gotta lighten up man. If you didnt seem to love a show you only ragged on what you didnt like and that's good for when you all watch it but when your opinion is the first impression the other 2 get you need to be more fair with the criticisms and give the good as well

  5. Defending Ben's description of the sports animes the first was just boring ben admits it tried to tell a story but again it's just a generic boring sports story. The other one is equally boring without the depth. Kirran is not over selling the amount of panty shots ps any on a girl that young is just wrong, and honestly I Can't trust you people in the comments after seeing weirdo lewd the platelets seriously wtf.

    Unfortunately angels of Death second episode undid everything episode 1 did right and tries to build character development after turning are main character to a traumatized brick, it made sense after I found out it was a game but without that nostalgia for the game I fear it's going to fall flat

  6. Kirran, man, sorry! I've not enjoyed you on FMK for a while. But happy sugar life, damn son. You should be getting paid to advertise that show. That sounds amazing. Scott is soft haha.

  7. Ben you screwed over Hanebado with your shitty synopsis, it's a really good show and your old man need for naps killed it.

    Harukana Recieve is also more than just tits and ass but probably not worth being in Anime FMK.

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