XXXTENTACION — I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine

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27 Replies to “XXXTENTACION — I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine”

  1. I am really happy, i found X's music. He is great example how people can change. I think as a fan of person like that, we should learn to forgive other people. Thank you for reading this,have a good day everyone <3!

  2. Well, the devil knew he had you sold, knew you'd sold your soul, and so he plotted like a wolf, and waited in Miami for you to show your soul again, he expedited the process, and took another soul again

  3. This one hits home. I spent most of my adolescence, and now my teenage years, listening to rock and nonsensical rap. Not that I necessarily regret it — I love what I listen to. But personally, X is something different from those two while altogether a part of their scenes. He just has this sense of individuality with his songs that I don’t see too often and yet I can always tie them back to something I’ve known before or know today. It makes it easier to connect to and learn from. Which is really beneficial to my battles against emotional struggles.

    Thank you, X, for helping me understand how to express myself and also form bonds with others.

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