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37 Replies to “WORST POSSIBLE ANIME IN EXISTENCE ON PLANET EARTH??! — 1000 Subscriber Special”

  1. That Quote, It obviously means: Her Hand is being controlled by machines; AND that is her fate. By Nature. Duh

    I joke! I haven't even seen this anime in my life. It already sounds bad though LOL.

  2. Me, reading the title: What on earth could be even worse than Mars of Destruction?!?!? (I never plan on watching it, EVER)

    Me, after the video:

    SCREW IT!!!!!!!!!

    Goes back to watch 'Death Note' on another tab…

  3. Skelter Heaven was such shit. But I admit I liked the OP theme. Probably the worst anime ever though to me though, I agree there. Also, you wasted almost two hours of your life watching this 5 times….man, you deserve a vacation now.

  4. The disgust on your face when you were talking about people caring and the blood, also talk about making a review that is better then the anime in the 1st 5 mins XD

  5. Funny, I just got down watching skelter heaven before getting on youtube and seeing this video. Even before clicking on the video I knew it was going to be that shit show.

  6. Heres some challenges for you

    Neo Yokio
    Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart
    Yosuga no Sora
    Diabolik Lovers
    Seikon no Qwaser

    there is more i would like to add but cannot find them. shows from the 80s-90s so it wouldn't be as easy.


    Pick your poison.

  7. I don't get that sentence, it's like the most complicated riddle of all time. It's kind of hurting my head. Anyhow man, it's great to see your content blossom and you'll probably hit a million subs one day.

  8. I'm a recent subscriber and I really like your style, I understand it is very video editing intensive and I appreciate your hard work. I'm not qualified to give you any YouTube advise, hell I think YouTube is a sinking ship right now, but I believe that you have quality work with some good comedic timing. Seeing how podcasts are probably not your thing, just do the social network stuff and I am certain you'll break 10k in no time. Cheers and best of luck, you funny accent bastard.

  9. Hey, man I've been enjoying every video for the past year sense I found your channel (I'm even in the Kiss x Sis review commenting "Yes" on the post lol) I've gotta say keep up the good work man I love the production quality of your videos and skits. I hope to see more from you soon, thanks for all the great videos so far!

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