Why the PewDiePie Devilman Crybaby Anime Review was the Best on YouTube — NUX RANTS

Gigguk, Mother’s Basement, The Anime Man, Akidearest, Digibro, Sloan the Female Otaku, Bob Samurai and more made some very solid and well done reviews on the new top 2018 anime Devilman Crybaby… but there was an issue i’ve had recently with trends in AniTube… so i foolishly made this… didn’t mean to insult anyone…

Also, Chill, i’mma keep my promise about the Naruto videos i owe ya, Naruto Shippuden War Arc Honest Descriptions will hopefully be worth the wait XD

My second Nux Rants since the OverPowered Naruto Jutsu list, its a work in progress XD

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Lockstin’s Mario Odessey Review Thingy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdxh3GU0EE8

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28 Replies to “Why the PewDiePie Devilman Crybaby Anime Review was the Best on YouTube — NUX RANTS”

  1. Alright what godamn point were you trying to make by comparing Devilman and Bleach's OSTs? What you did was just retarded on so many levels, both series are completely different in genre and tone, and the two songs you chose don't even match tematically, one is from a dancing disco scene and the other is from A FUCKING CLIMATIC BATTLE. Why didn't you compare it to Devilman's climatic battle theme, D.V.M.N?
    Looks to me like you just wanted to make the Devilman soundtrack seem bad because it doesn't suit your tastes. And hey, if you don't like it it's ok, it's your opinion, but learn the difference between that and something that's OBJECTIVELY good. Devilman has songs that range from orchestral, to electronic, to piano and more, and each song fits the scene they're being used marvelously, that's facts.
    I don't care much about your opinion on the series, but if you talk smack on the soundtrack you're just being stupid.

  2. Dude, for someone who mentions taste and personal opinion a lot, you do make quite a few arguments about " i prefer this".
    They are fine as an opinion but do not really constitute a critic…

  3. While watching this I just remembered something, does anyone remember the Naruto and Pain fight that had very different animation and everyone hated it. That looks a lot like this entire show

  4. Thank you for making this video

    Edit: I've so many people refering to this anime as one of Masaaki Yuasa's least best work while criticizing his other supposed superior works for not being that good and then calling this one AOTY…..what!

  5. Why are you comparing the soundtrack with other shows? Was that necessary in your critique or do just have a distaste of synth wave? How can you compare music when they’re both in different genres. That doesn’t seem right

  6. On the part about the soundtrack your idea seemed half baked. While yes the more operatic bleach music does fit the tone and contribute to the feeling of what the creators want to come across it would not work with devilman because the bleach music is 'better'. I personally like the synths and drum machines from the devilman soundtrack but more importantly all of the tracks contribute to the overall tone of the show. Which is how I think tracks from shows or movies should be judged.

  7. When Ever the the soundtrack comes real scary memories come to mine *I have to give it less than at least a six for reasons such as animation looks like pain vs six tails almost all the time, Plot is um..ok and it the content is too forced, and anime could've been written better. Probably the best thing that Devilman Crybaby gives is the amount of memes you can create with animation. SO about 5+.

  8. I hope i dont sound like an elitist when i say this: I don't think Devilman Crybaby was meant for all anime fans, I think it was meant for Devilman fans. This is the first true adaptation of the manga from beginning to end, with some changes in characters, especially miki and miko, and other plot points. Its on Netflix, so its easy access for most audiences, and the show can get away with whatever the hell it wants. DCry was well crafted and has kick ass music and art to boot. It's like a love letter for the "7 fans of devilman" that existed before it got big.

    Ok Netflix where's YOUR cutie honey adaptation, I'm waiting

  9. wow sweet review dude, i love how you just associated the word different with bad and then called every aspect of the show different and suggested that if you like it for being different you are essentially a newborn lamb of the anime community. Way to shit on a fandom without any critical opinion other than it couldn't hold your interest, which is basically the attention span of a 10 year old ADHD patient whose parents hooked him on coke b/c it was cheaper than prescription meds, you must have a way better brain wavelength than us for realizing the downfalls of this show while we all sat drooling watching meaningless action scenes and over convoluted dramatic sequences as we screamed"ten outta ten uggghhhh". Also love your channel, please continue to use 7 min clips per video of other youtubers that actually insert critical input while you spout nonsense the entire video while simultaneously not bringing up a single concise reason as to why you don't like the show. If you actually can't mention one thing that turned you off of the show without saying "eww normies would like this b/c its superficially cool" in an 8 min video then why don't you spend your time doing something more productive like counting the wrinkles on your dog's ballsack or watching paint dry, anything other than wasting our fucking time with this absolute fucking verbal diarrhea. In conclusion, explain why you hate or like something and don't just supplement us with other personalities while you call something shit/good the entire time, a lead-poisoned macrocephalic child with Zika virus can produce better content than this and if you ever feel the need to shit on a show again without bothering to give us a constructive reason then why don't you try tweeting it at Malik Obama or scream it into your dog's asshole for all I care.

    P.S. I watched this with adblock aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
    Sincerely, Fuck you

  10. i was enjoying the video, until ya compared the animation to Dragon Ball Super/One Piece. Those shows look that way because they messed up and did not have either the time or care (probably both to make them that way). I think it's pretty obvious that Crybaby was meant to look how it does, and i think it works much better in a psychological show like this instead of a battle shounen series like One piece. Anyway still do like the video, glad you spoke your mind about it, even if i don't completely agree.

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