WHY ARE THEY ALL SO HOMO? — Noble Reacts to Anime YTP

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30 Replies to “WHY ARE THEY ALL SO HOMO? — Noble Reacts to Anime YTP”

  1. If you're gonna jazzercise, go all the way by doing a Richard Simmons skit, afro and short shorts included.
    I freakin' dare you to do this for a future Akibento, Samurai Buyer, or some other type of unboxing video.

  2. #NobleSenpai I know your a very big fan of OverWatch and a Hanzo main so….
    I received a news while I was watching TV… They said that this up coming March 2018 Comic Con
    Philippines the overwatch cast or the voice actor will come so…
    I don't know will you come and do volg here. And I really hope you do

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