Who Is My Anime Waifu?

When you know all about anime like I do, sometimes you have to do the impossible and choose your absolute favorite waifu

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23 Replies to “Who Is My Anime Waifu?”

  1. There are a lot of animes but there is a cople i like :
    boku no hero academia
    Blue exsorcist
    Attack on titans
    Seven deadly sins

    And there Is some anime that i like personaly :
    Bongou stray dogs
    Tokyo ghoul
    Aoharu x kikanjuu
    akatsuki no yona
    Akagami no shirayuki hime
    assassination classroom
    k project

  2. I suggest something like boku no hero academia or no game no life or assassination classroom. One punch man is also a really great anime that’s relatively short and funny

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