When Will Hollywood Anime Movies Git Gud?

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Now that Kim Kardashian and Michael B Jordan have officially made anime cool, has the time finally come for us to get a good mainstream anime movie? Or even an Anime Cinematic Universe?

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49 Replies to “When Will Hollywood Anime Movies Git Gud?”

  1. Don't let a few good adaptations fool you, books been getting trash films 8 or 9 times out of 10 for the past hundred years.

    Japan been making trash anime movies for decades. Big attention from Papa Western Civ won't save 'em.

  2. I dont get this lust for transforming any other media in movies. Movies will always be an inferior way to tell a serialized story.

    ….and anime character design do not translate well into live action. If they go the 'faithful' way, characters in the movie will definitely look like bad cosplay with wigs. And if they completely change the design, why bother?


  3. Something hollywood will really have to work on is costume design. Japanese live action anime movies usually strike me as strange looking due to trying to literately adapt a highly stylized art form into reality. While some of the cool designs can be kept, I really don't have a problem with redesigning things as long as it visually looks better in live action and adheres to the vision of it's predecessor.

    American comics were a bit easier to adapt in that regard, as the style was generally more realistic.

  4. Even if popular celebrities love anime and it becomes mainstream, it still won’t be widely accepted. Even though the image of gamers have shifted, the ‘loser’ stigma is still there. Celebrities gamers might be beloved, but remember, they’re celebrities and not average people. The same goes for anime. Another large part of this is cultural differences. Japan’s culture is very different to the Western culture, so anime aspects like fanservice will still be frowned upon by Westerners, and will only help the whole ‘tentacle hentai’ stereotype. Not to mention how people will still see animation as immature due to majority being comedy shows, and not taking itself seriously. Then again, there are Japanese people who think anime is for kids, but I’ll say they are less common than in the West. With the future progressing into a state of equality, anime might be accepted by everyone, one day

  5. I like anime because it's animation. There are tons of stories from the west that are also good but I don't pay attention to them because I love animation and they're all live action. I do not want live action adaptations. I think they cheapen what makes so much anime so great. We should instead get better dubs and get them on TV and theaters. Or y'know, teach westerners to read so they can watch subs. /shrug

  6. A Super Robot Wars Cinematic Universe would be so hype! Like imagine seeing mechas from Voltron, Evangelion, Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann fighting the Anti-Spiral or Seeing a Brotherly Combining of Voltron and TTGL. Pacific Rim proved that Live Action Giant Mecha Movies could work.

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