WATCH OUT For This Guy — Luck Breakdown in Black Clover Quartet Knights

Today we have a character breakdown for Luck in Black Clover Quartet Knights.
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Voiced by Luis «Globku» Martins
Edited by Pedro «Fgeitas»
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

Music by Epidemic Sound

#Globku #BlackClover #QuartetKnights

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20 Replies to “WATCH OUT For This Guy — Luck Breakdown in Black Clover Quartet Knights”

  1. Im sorry but your gameplay made my eyes bleed.Luck is a character who rewards you for being reckless and playing aggressively.His Passive ability Berserker even promotes this playstyle.Stop being so passive and attacking from a far.

    You need to make more use of his dash ability during combat.Jump around and be a nusense to hit.
    Engage in close combat dont be afraid to lose some HP.If your HP drops to 100-200.Then its time to disengage using his dash.

    He has sufficient fire damage but you should only use it,when your enemy is stunned on the ground.Its really bad for general damage,which you should deal with his abilities instead.

    Your Kick ability can be spammed approximately every 3-4 sec with the right card equipped.And there is also a Card that rewards you with 1 extra dash everytime you hit someone with your boots.

    On a side note though I really liked the first section of your video.You covered all of his abilities and gave some good tips.That you sadly didnt follow during your gameplay.It wouldve also been great if you could've informed fellow.Players about lucks cards and decks as they make a gigantic difference on how to play him.

  2. Bruh I'm losing faith in this channel you played this beta and your not telling your fans to stay clear of this cash cow of a cluster fuck? Iv been following you since pre release of Naruto striker but I can't even play ranked matches where is the warning to fans to wait to buy that? Dude?

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