Void Elsword First Impressions — Is The Anime MMORPG Still Worth Playing?

⌖ Everyone that enjoys Anime MMORPGs has no doubt played Elsword. We’ve actually done a solid.. 7? 8? Elsword videos over the last year, and although there is nothing critically wrong with Elsword, we found an alternative for everyone looking for something.. less pay to win, and better handled. It’s called «Void Elsword».

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40 Replies to “Void Elsword First Impressions — Is The Anime MMORPG Still Worth Playing?”

  1. This is the first time Ive heard of Void Elsword after playing normal Elsword on/off for about 5 years. Whats the difference between games? and are you able to transfer accounts from normal Elsword to Void Elsword?

  2. Actualy, after reaching Lv15 you can choose your 1st Class Advancement. It doesnt make pretty much sense when you choose your first class at Lv30 and your 2nd on Lv35, except you forgot to take the quests bcs you had much fun running dungeons. 😀

  3. Elsword is definitely still a game to play, a game to love. But if its Void els's server, forget it. Speaking from a very unsatisfying experience I once had with their forum moderators and staffs. Most players who tend to speak out get the ' silent treatment '. Just my two cents of advice, take it or pretend I never said anything bout it.

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