Ultimate Gohan Reveal Trailer Manga & Anime References

As promised I did this one in 4 hours as per twitter time. xD

Gohan is a badass.

His Final Bout theme playing as I love that song as gives me good memories.

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  1. I believe you're missing a few. There was a standing Hugh kick and nut punch that Gohan did in game and the same moves are found vs evil buu.
    Great job nonetheless

  2. Lol that was SO AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing. Knowing that Adult Gohan was in the game gave me more reason to pre order 😄. He is my all time favorite DBZ Character.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks this Gohan is lame as hell? I expected those brutal strikes he landed on Super Buu but most of what we got were missed strikes from his fight with Dabura…

  4. That part where you point out the reference to Gohan's kamehameha makes me hope that you will be able to follow that kamehameha with more for extra meter, kinda like how he throws one after the other at the sphere Fat Buu is in.

  5. Damn I wanted this to be longer!

    So no gut punch, back elbow, 180 degree angle kick, and so fourth? Okay. I may prioritize PTG, as he seems to be handled better than UG (even if UG is the better fighter to use in the game itself).

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