Top 8 Anime Movies — Must Watch

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1. Itro & Tobu — Cloud9
2. Different Heaven — Nekozilla
3. Tobu — Colors
4. Tobu — Hope
5. Tobu — Candyland
6. Alan Walker — Spectre
7. Alan Walker — Force
8. Deav Kev — Invincible

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  1. An expert opinion about KIMI NO NA WA: Very disappointing from Makoto Shinkai who first created a great movie like Garden of Words and then the rather sexist scenes in Kimi No Na Wa. I am doctorand and I write about anime culture, I also live in Japan, so I can assure everything I write is what I see and document. We are getting used to sexism in anime that we don´t even notice it anymore but accept it as normal but it´s not normal and shouldn´t be played down by humor the way it is in Kimi no Na Wa. When these movies become viral worldwide, they normalize sexism towards women wordwide as well. Kimi No Na Wa has unfortunately quite a few weird unexpected sexist scenes when which absolutely don´t fit into the movie from Makoto Shinkai: (spoiler) The male protagonist keeps touching the girls body when his souls wakes up in her physical body even though she would not want that, what she later on does confirm herself in the movie. The sexism is being played down by humor as it is usual in some sexist anime but they legitimize the sexism towards woman by saying "it is an anime culture so it is ok" but it´s obviously not ok to oversexualize women and girls.These sexism scenes are repeated often which shows again that the Otaku culture and Rape Culture is guided by the highly conservative sexism towards women meaning patriarchy in Japanese social contruction since centuries which lives unfortunately with strong disrespect to women in Japan.

  2. Ive watch all of them and yes your name and shape of your voice are great films and i really like them too but wolf children just pulls something within my soul and pierce thru my heart. Watching it really shows a mothers sacrifice. And makes me want to cuddle my mom everytime.

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