Top 8 Adventure Anime — Should Watch

▶Thumbnail: Druaga no Tou

▶Intro: Different Heaven – My Heart

▶Autro: Diviners feat. Contacreast — Tropic Love

( 0:31 ) : JPB — High
( 2:23 ) : Electric Joy Ride — Origin
( 3:53 ) : Jim Yosef — Firefly
( 5:35 ) : Alan Walker — Force
( 7:20 ) : Tobu — Hope
( 9:23 ) : Different Heaven — Nekozilla
(10:53 ) : Desmeon — Hellcat
( 12:44 ) : Tobu & Itro — Sunburst

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This is for people’s enjoyment only.

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34 Replies to “Top 8 Adventure Anime — Should Watch”

  1. Number 6 suprised me.the first episode was like wtf to me,but after that it got better and more serious.Towards the end I got attached to the characters and was sad when it was all said and done.The protagonist is an idiot btw but he is not with out talent and you will soon be able to overlook his flaws for his better qualities

  2. By the way, there is only 1 season of Arslan Senki and there is 25 episodes in it. There is a 2 episode OVA and also an older anime of the same name, from 1991 which has 6 episodes. . . maybe this is where you got the number 33 ? Idk.

  3. there is way better than some selected
    scrapped princess
    fantastic children
    seirei no moribito
    kurau phantom memory
    valkyria chronicle

    and more good stuff

  4. If you like Druaga no Tou I think you will like "The Legend of the Legendary Heroes ", "Chaika — The Coffin Princess" and "Scrapped Princess". All them are about a group of people going on an adventure to achieve some kind of kind goal and set in a fantasy world and all have decent English dubs.

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