Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch

Top 5 Anime Series You Should Watch! These are my Top 5 anime series showcasing the best anime series! Anime series are far from few, there are hundreds out there, but I just recently started watching them so please let me know which are your favorite! Who knows maybe I’ll be able to do a top 10 after binge watching a few more!


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  1. The best anime to ever exist should have
    Naruto sad stories and deaths (naruto)
    Ichigos passion to save others (Bleach)
    Saitamas power (one punch man)
    Vegetas badass manners (DBZ)
    Natsu determination (fairy tail)
    Full metal alchemist brotherhood plot
    Naruto soundtracks (naruto)
    Goku fights (DBZ)
    Bakugos funny personality (my hero academia)

  2. 1-One Piece
    2-Slam Dunk (Unfortunatly it was never finished.)
    3-Seven Deadly Sins
    4-Dragon Ball Z
    Still trying to find more anime to watch.
    Where are all the one piece fans? I finished one piece. I believe they are still working on it.Im rewatching the whole 819 episode long anime😂

  3. ONE PIECE is the most intense anime ive ever seen, for me atleast you should take a shot and watch its extremely amazing, maybe the first to 60 ep is not that good but when you past that 60 ep its gonna ton of fun coming up to you!! So just stay in passion and you gonna get ton of fun!!

  4. People who watch animes which has body being shown little bit /even so much or which has sex in it! Are total PERVERTS!!!!!😡 And I HATE PERVERTS SOOOO MUCH DOES PEOPLE ARE THE MOST DISGUSTING HUMAN BEINGS IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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