Top 20 Anime Girls with Red hair

Red is my fovorite colour. So I really like Redhair ( so my avatar has redhair ^.^). This is my top 20 Anime girls with Redhair
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43 Replies to “Top 20 Anime Girls with Red hair”

  1. Ok um the hair of princess yona on akatsuki no yona was not red it was red brown i think and also snow white with red hair like when they said "she has red hair" i was like bruh it's not red 😂😂😂

  2. Thank you for this video! I'm new to Anime and Manga and gonna watch at least half of these show mentioned! I'm glad Rias Gremory was number #2. I really love her look and personality, but I don't like the show she's in. I don't find any of the other characters interesting and the male lead is too hormonal for my taste. I have a desire to steel Rias away 😛 Thanks again for the list!

  3. Plzzzz help I need to find a anime is about cousin one of the cousins (male) got kick out from the family because they had Fire as a power and he has wind power the other cousin( she is a red haired girl) hates him for sum reason and she is gonna be a leader soon so she has to kill her cousin(I think) but she didn't cuz he was going to find the person who was killing everyone and then read head girl falls in love with her cousin but the boy cousin is in love with another person who was killed by a bad man and is trying to kill that person SO PLZZZZZZ SOMEONE CAN HELP MEEEE

  4. trying to find this new anime its about a girl with short red hair and can see likr fairys and stuff and was sold into slavery or something the guy had a bone head and wears a cloak

  5. Help me. I can't remember this anime title.. The scene is , when the girl knocks out the boy and when the boy gets up he saw a red grass under the girl's skirt , i don't know if this is correct but that's what I remember, sorry for wrong grammar😂 help me please tnx

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