Top 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked

Top 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters Ranked


SL Made — 12 Most Powerful Anime Characters ( in a Bad way )

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  1. 1.The Creator/Kami Tenchi(Tenchi Muyo!/Umineko)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresent.
    2.Azathoth(Demonbane/Cthulhu Mythos)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    3.Chousins(Tenchi Muyo!)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    4.Lord of Nightmares(Slayers)-Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence.
    5.Featherine Augustus Aurora(Umineko)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omniscience,Nigh Omnipresence.
    6..Elder God Demonbane(Demonbane)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omnipresence.
    7.Counter Actor(Tenchi Muyo!)-Nigh Omnipotence,Nigh Omniscience.
    8.Haruka Kaminogi(Noein)-Nigh Omnipotence.
    9.Truth(Fullmetal Alchemist)-Omniscience,Omnipresence,Multi-Universe Buster.
    10.Anti-Spiral(Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)-Nigh Omniscience,Multi-Universe Buster.
    11.Hades(Saint Seiya)-Multi-Universe Buster.
    12.Zeno(Dragon Ball Super)-Multi-Universe Buster.
    This is my Opinion.

  2. Can I just say. The true over powdered anime people are simply the ones who have other armor, no matter how weak they are. As long as they have the writers favor they will never die. So yes the most powerful people in anime are the comical animal compinions. Like if you agree and comment the name of your favorite anime animal compinion.

  3. I don't understand , in some videos of your's , you stated that Zeno is on 2nd , now he is on 8th . Also , you said that Truth would be weaker than Zeno . Saitama used to be in the top . ( I don't remember all of the changes )

  4. yo guys im a dragon ball fan and i want to say zeno is the strongest but i really dont know the other characters and anyways they never mentioned zeno's power we just know he is super strong that even the gods of destruction are scared of him

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