Top 10 WORST Live Action Anime Films

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These live action movies are an insult to their original anime material. We may have no idea how they got made, but since we’ve had to suffer through them let’s see which are the absolute worst. Will your least favorite movie adaptations like Dragon Ball Evolution, Fist of the North Star, Attack on Titan, Blood: The Last Vampire, City Hunter, Gantz: Perfect answer, and other garbage appear on the list? You bet. They can be from America or Japan, we won’t discriminate, fact is these films suck.

00:36 #10. “Black Butler” (2014)
01:21 #9. “Speed Racer” (2008)
02:07 #8. “Riki Oh The Story of Ricky” (1991)
02:54 #7. “Casshern” (2004)
03:39 #6. “Kite” (2014)
04:21 #5. “The Guyver” (1991)
04:59 #4. “Devilman” (2004)
05:49 #3, #2, #1: ???

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22 Replies to “Top 10 WORST Live Action Anime Films”

  1. RIKI_OH en mi opinión merece un reboot,tiene elementos que podrían hacer este filme algo increíble.
    Una prisión donde hay peligroso luchadores sádicos.
    Un protagonista con un poder nunca antes visto.
    Una ambiente muy original.

  2. The majority of people in this comment section blame western dudes for making these anime movie adaptation atrocities. Japan peeps are doing the same things as well, which is even more shameful imo, because they are basically ruining their own shit.

    Watch the attack on titan the movie. Rushed piece of garbage. Didn't read the manga, but it was far off. I'm aware that a movie needs to be its own thing to be surprising and exciting. However, this doesn't justify the ending and the absence of fckin Levi. I know dragonball fuqboi edition is terrible, but this one was no different.

    The truth is, it is almost impossible to make a good movie adaptation for an anime show. You just can't hope to fit a good story built upon badass episodes into a two hour sh*tfest. Possible, I know, but barely.

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