Top 10 Pokemon Anime Episodes

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26 Replies to “Top 10 Pokemon Anime Episodes”

  1. Funny thing is, the only who suceeded in his goal was Cyrus, creating a new world for all to himself. I wonder how he's doing in there. Meanwhile all of Galactic, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn got arrested. Poor guys

  2. Sabrina episodes are my favourite memories I had from Pokémon as a kid. I also loved the gigantic mechanical island episodes and the spooky town with ghastly women or something I can't remember in detail. And I liked the episodes with the boat sinking and the gigantic tentacruel.

  3. If you want a good pure comedy episode, I would suggest "Smashing With Sketch". It's a recent Sun/Moon episode with a lot of over-the-top comedic moments.

    Also, by the way my Twitch username is SpaceBoyTriple3

  4. The team flare arc i still can't believe that they went that far and that deep with it's finale, and pretty much showed that Team Flare was great in the anime and where god awful in the games. Also i can see y u didn't put in any episodes from Best Wishes (the gen 5 season) and really….Best Wishes as a whole was the worst season in the anime (honestly it was the lowest point)

  5. As a fan of the SM anime, I'm glad you put a couple episodes from it on your list! It hets a lot more hate than it deserves imo, and it was honestly kind of a breath of fresh air the series needed after roughly 19 years of just being a stagnant loop. (Even XY/Z, for how good it was, still fell into that loop.)

    My favorite episode would probably be the baseball episode or Ash vs Nanu, R2. Minior's episode was also pretty good.

  6. One of my favourite episodes was one in XY saga in which Jessie almost left Wobbuffet behind, in which she meets that sexy doctor who had female Wobbuffet. After she decided to stay with James and Meowth to challenge Pokémon thief — my favourite part is when Wobbuffet comes from nowhere, takes Rhyperior's attack that was aimed Team R and reflects it with Counter — move that he should have known, but never before used.

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