Top 10 Most Wanted Anime Crossovers

Top 10 Most Wanted Anime Crossovers

Anime characters meeting other anime characters? Sure it’s been done before but these crossover episodes would be awesome. We’re looking at shows like Dragon Ball Z, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, One Punch Man, Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto, Berserk, Fist of the North Star, JoJo’s Bizarre’s Adventure, to decide which manga and anime crossovers we’d like to see the most.

For this list, we’ve put together the anime that we believe would complement each other well, should they ever crossover into a shared universe. It can be silly as hell, utterly badass or curiously fitting, just so long as there is an obvious thread that can tie the two together.

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15 Replies to “Top 10 Most Wanted Anime Crossovers”

  1. These are my top 10 anime crossovers:
    1. DBZ/Naruto
    2. Naruto/One piece
    3. DBZ/Pokemon
    4. Yu Yu Hakusho/Inuyasha
    5. Bleach/Naruto
    6. One punch man/DBZ
    7. Yu Gi Oh/Pokemon
    8. DBZ/Yu Yu Hakusho
    9. Fullmetal alchemists/Cowboy Bebop
    10. Death Note/Berserk

  2. I’ve always wanted to see a Gintama and Hunter x Hunter crossover. Both have human and inhuman creatures in their world. And Killua and Gon has a lot in common with Kagura. For example she has super strength, she loves to eat, she has brother issues, “VERY slight father issues”, comes from a clan of assassins (murderers etc). Though she has more in common with Killua than Gon. But I’d like to see this crossover really much. I’d also like to see Shinpachi’s and Leorio’s interactions and Kurapika’s and Gintoki’s (I think Kurapika would snap at him xD). But most of all, I want Takasugi and Hisoka to fight, and definitely Illumi and Kamui. I want them to meet the Kiheitai, the spiders, the Harusame, Shinsengumi and Mimawarigumi. The Hunter x Hunter association etc. Though we all know that this will never happen…

  3. How about fullmetal alchemist brotherhood-soul eater crossover.I've always thought a crossover with the two would make sense since when you make comparisons between the two they have a lot of similarities and i'm hoping that this crossover one day happens.

  4. Also watchmojo You missed
    Bleach X Naruto
    Gintama X well about ANY OF THEM
    sailor moon and ladoka lagica
    Death note X COde Geass
    Shaman King X bleach
    Yu Gi oh X Pokemon
    Inuyasha X ruruonou kenshin u could have atleast put these In Honrable mentions

  5. I say One Piece X naruto for me is Number 1 cause

    Naruto and luffy are both
    Badass in fights
    Most powerfull chararcter of their crew
    Both have bad dubbed voice
    Both are Hilaroius
    Both wanna be the very best
    Both acheiveing to be KING of something
    Both of them have SAME EXACT personality.

    Zoro and sasuke
    Both Badass
    Both strong swordmen
    both have somone they wanna to beat

    Nami and sakura
    both Hit the main characrter a lot
    Both can be ANNYOING AT TIMES
    Both of them are pure of heart inside
    Both cry for the main chararcter at times
    Both are paert of main chaarracter crew
    and etc.

    Both of the Anime have a HUGE WAR that is BELOVED in the anime community.
    both have beloved brothers that died(Ace and Itachi) which are both fire user.
    Both have POWERFULL FATHERS which are also lovable
    plus both amin cahrcrter father abandon them
    Both are in big 3 for shonen

    Both main cahracrters EAT A LOT
    and I could go on and on so in my opinion

    One Piece and naruto should be number 1

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