Top 10 Character Introductions in Anime Vol. 2 [60FPS]

Volume two of some of the best character introduction in anime. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your list below. For more Top 10’s and anime related videos subscribe!

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40 Replies to “Top 10 Character Introductions in Anime Vol. 2 [60FPS]”

  1. All for one didn't even need a flashy move to tell us that he is very powerful. Just by words and spirit alone! I never been this terrified from am anime characters before. 😱

  2. loved the All for one intro, all the others in this top 10 had to fight to show they are badasses meanwhile All for one was just standing there and made everybody almost throw up out of fear

  3. well , n.8 even if I didn't watch the Anime I really felt the intense more than the others … ok
    Utsuro aside , I watched Gintama .. Also that man from one peace was something interesting
    All for one too , even if I didn't watch the Anime
    Good Job ! thanks for the video ^_^

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