Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Summer 2018 | Glass Reflection

The new summer 2018 season has almost started! Here’s the Top 10 shows I’m excited for, what are you excited for?

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32 Replies to “Top 10 Anticipated Anime of Summer 2018 | Glass Reflection”

  1. The High Score Girl manga is great, so if they do a good job with the anime, it'll be worth a watch.

    As for me, I'm not a huge sports anime fan, got tired of AOT during the first season, and tend to avoid "gimmicky" horror shows until I know they're good (Madoka Magicka levels of good helps a show a lot). So based on your recommendations, not a whole lot for me this summer. This is good though. I start school in August, and having less distractions will probably be important for me XD

  2. I always thought badminton was tennis for people who are too cheap for a real vacation and who thus go camping instead. Tennis is tennis for rich people. You need a big court for tennis. Badminton is something you can play anywhere.

  3. I'm a bit saddened at how few people know about Hi Score Girl… The manga is excellent, and it's a true throwback to the history of arcade gaming. Hope it'll turn out great.

  4. I read the happy sugar life 2-1 year ago and man when I say that I did not expect it to become an anime. I also played the game angel of death, also a year ago. I also did not expect this

  5. yo arkada, let me just tell you that, in my opinion, grand blue is completely different than free!. give it a shot, youre gonna have a blast, its really good (at least the manga is)

  6. As far as Happy Sugar Life goes I am really hoping that we see everything from the point of view of a Yandere. Meaning ordinary every day people are horrible villains in her mind (and only in her mind) and we see what she sees even if reality is quite different. Even if it isn't that though it does look like one of the more interesting shows of the season.

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