Top 10 Action/Romance Anime 2017 #2

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Sup everyone, it’s been 2 months or probably 3? In any case, I’m the one to blame and I apologize sincerly. Here is the video that I was working on there and there when I had some free time between my exams (that I failed so hard). Well let’s be optimistic, this is a great season so let’s enjoy this pleasure and savor these animes while they last.

Have a great everyone, see you guys next wee- Hum! I mean next time! (I’m never sure when I’ll publish, so »next time» is better :3)

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Music : Band Of Horses The Funeral Butch Clancy Remix

Butch Clancy:

Outro Music: Opening from the anime »Rokudenashi majutsu koushi to akashic records»

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  1. Just asking, does all these animes contain both action and romance or does it contain juat at least one… because i went to search up some of these animes and it doesn't have the romance tag.

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