THE ULTIMATE UCHIHA SASUKE! || Roblox Anime Cross 2 Episode 9

THE ULTIMATE UCHIHA SASUKE! || Roblox Anime Cross 2 Episode 9

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  1. Oh yeah, don’t worry ginger when you finish all these chars… 3 more will be waiting for you in the next update! The king of hero’s Gilgamesh, The last Fanis Morgiana, Hinata of the Hyuga clan. I am super excited! How about you?

  2. Gingy actually I don't think (in the anime) Rasengan and Chidori are the same strength there was the scene where Naruto and Sasuke both hit a water supply thing Sasuke pierced the front and warped mettle but Naruto destroyed the whole back of the thing and when they both got 6 paths powers Sasuke stole chakra from Naruto fused Chidori with Amaterasu and fell toward Naruto (used gravity to his advantage) while Naruto had his chakra taken from him so he could only make an ordinary Rasengan and jumped toward Sasuke (fighting gravity) and they both lost an arm meaning they where equal. (aka Normal Rasengan > Normal Chidori but Normal Rasengan = to Amaterasu Chidori)

  3. That's Meen whoever Target you was meen this is why YouTubers lie and say I'm a fake cuz they don't want to be targeted by you it just a game it not fun if you're getting targeting by some one lel play far

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