The Controversial Picture That Divided The Anime Community (And Why It’s Important)

This one picture might be more important than you might think…


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  1. I'd say anime is becoming more normal here in the west. Now if someone is a celebrity and they say they like anime some people might be surprised but it's like "oh cool" like we all get it.

  2. I don't have much an opinion on the image itself because I've only seen one thing out of those series/films. It looks to me more of that terrible fanboy ownership most nerdy cultures/fanbases carry. Like "you're only a true otaku if you've seen [anime title], [anime title], and [anime title]" or "I'm a real fan of [anime title] because I've been following since the beginning" or, "you like [anime title]? That's not a real anime. You know nothing", or even worse, "you're only watching [anime title(s)] because it's popular right now. You're not a real otaku" Not all fans are like this, obviously, but those who are create this elitist barrier that makes it harder for new fans of things to join the community. It alienates people who might want to try looking to watch anime and/or read manga for the first time.

    I live in the U.S., and my local theatres have started to have more and more showings of anime films and recap movies—which is fantastic. However, I don't think anime will go full mainstream probably because these aren't American properties; why would U.S. companies prioritize foreign productions? That's when we get crappy U.S. live action adaptations >.< Anime is growing more popular, but I think it'll remain second-class to the home country's productions.

  3. If we replace the phrase "world class" with "mainstream" I can agree to an extent. Those from the left image are well known classic animes that people in my family have seen without knowing it was "anime"
    The ones on the right scream "ANIME" with the stylization of the cover image. I support bringing anime into the "mainstream" as long as quality isn't removed to make Western audiences able to follow along

  4. I see it as the left anime are more seen as "classic" and the right side anime are seen as more of "mainstream to the anime communitty", I mean Steins;Gate, Code Geass, Clannad, Fullmetal Alchemist etc are anime you suggest to people who want to get into anime. But in the end this is only my opinion

  5. I’d say that shounen is mainstream in the West, with most people knowing about at least three or more, but shoujo is definitely not. The only shoujo I’d consider mainstream would be Sailor Moon

  6. I would actually agree with the image, the main difference which I believe you missed (correct me if im wrong pls) is that the shows on the right are more used for escapism, especially SAO and Re:Zero where as the ones on the left I wouldnt describe them as such and i would argue that this lessens thier value as shows and would be one of the reason why they dont hold any good artistic value. Another point I would like to give is that when you started listing shows that are world class, NGE and Psychopass you assumed the poster only thought films could be world class which is understandable but still a mistake as there is nothing to back this up, I am sure if you asked them about the shows you listed they would agree that they are world class. bit of a ramble but I wanted to give an argument for you guys.

  7. Maybe the guy wanted to emphasize on the fact that anime films are better than an anime show. A 2 hour show is counted to be world class to a total of 2 hour series and in all honesty few of the anime shows don't have any meaning behind it. In reality shows like SAO and Steins Gate which suck to the most part has a lot of fan driven fanbases which makes it wonder the anime community is weird. They run to the flow of others opinions and this thing about personal preferences in the anime community is the most annoying of all.

  8. The ones on the left are old ones most ppl havent seen but heard the name of except for the bottom-left one (well, I have watched the top ones, but ghost in the shell was only really recently, and so was the wind one), while the ones on the right are ones that most ppl have both seen and heard of, if they have picked up anime-*series*.

    There is a large demographic who only ever watched studio ghibli movies. Mostly simply because of that studio being the only anime thing that achieved "world class" status. Until it has shifted from being such a major demographic, to becoming a minor one, all other animes should be put on the right (no matter how "classic" they are), even other movies like kimi no na wa.

  9. aside from the image, I find that anime is currently becoming mainstream instead of already being mainstream. I think this because, its becoming easier to find people that enjoy anime than it was 5 to maybe 3 years ago. for example, I could go to the cinema in my (small) town and see a person wearing a FLCL t- shirt, or maybe people would see me wearing a card captor sakra shirt and start a conversation with me as apposed to 3 years ago where I could where the same outfit and no one would recognize it.

  10. Well I think why that dude compared anime like that:

    1. DERE's — If you can see does anime in the left have no Tsunderes, Yanders, Derederes, etc. and I think for an outsider is not used to such extreme characters (you know what I mean by extreme)

    2. OVER REACTIONS AND WEIRD EXPRESSIONS — let's be honest, anime series from the right have some really over the top reactions (ex: Tomoyo beating the shit out of Youhei for trying to prove that she's a man) and characters do have some weird expressions (ex: seeing someane nude etc. I know that in ghost in the shell are more nude scenes but the reactions are not the same)

    3. DESIGN — The design of the characters from the right have a more Japanese flashy look (big eyes, weird hair, "edgy" costumes and more clean) while the anime movies are more familiar to an audience from outside of Japan

    4. NOSTALGIC VALUES — Does anime have and will always have a place in the heart of the watchers. I know that Spirited Away and In This Corner of the World are not that old but I'll explain that in my last point.

    5. PRAISE FROM AMERICAN CRITICS — Spirited Away won an Academy Award, Ghost in the Shell was praised by the legendary critics Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert, Akira was praised on and on by youtube critics and "legit" critics (I'm not saying that youtube critics are not legit but you know what I mean) and the same for In This Corner of the World.

    P.S. — I don't think that it's okay to say that the tweet was referring only to movies. I think the reason was to show some examples. I'm pretty sure that if the list was longer, the list would also include Cowboy Bebop, Digimon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z (yeah I know some of the anime series I mentioned breaks some standards that I mentioned earlier), etc.

    P.P.S. — I don't think it's okay to name drop anime like: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Ergo Proxy or Wolf's Rain because you don't know on which side, the creator of the tweet, would put this series (because in my opinion all of them would have landed on the left).

  11. To be honest I don't think think anime is Mainstream over here, although I can only speak for the small part of the US, from what I experience people still look at it weirdly or dismiss it as some kind of nerd thing. Having clebs watching anime doesn't make the anime more popular or well known if anything it's just a "weird" hobby they have that we acknowledge. I don't think they will be mainstream unless they get the same amount exposure as cartoons.

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