The Biggest HOAX of the Anime Community That’s Fooled Everybody

I’m honestly surprised at how out of hand this has gotten over lies and twisted truths.

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43 Replies to “The Biggest HOAX of the Anime Community That’s Fooled Everybody”

  1. This is so stupid! When did we hit rock bottom? Is the anime community just dropping lower because of nothing? No-one cares about actual death threats on Hiro Mashima and Youtuber comments, but NOOO we got NOTHING to talk about, but fake death threats! I mean what the hell!? What is WRONG with these articles and people? no way in hell could an episode be that disappointing! It's just disheartening. It's painful to watch and hear.

    I love your funny content and you make me happy in my depressing and sad life when I got nobody by my side, you've always been there. even when you didn't know you were. I enjoy your content, but it's nice to have a nice, solid, wholesome, serious talk every now and then.

    Those stupid haters of yours are just jealous of your success and you'll always be better than them and, honestly, I just think they want attention. How could someone's life be so empty and how could someone be so shallow? In any case, Stay strong and we all love you <3

  2. 8:18, this is the 21st century, we got biological men being triggered because we refer to them as men and use masculine pronouns. this comment, for example, will most likely offend someone. you have to realize, people cant always take a joke and take things way to serious.

  3. I agree, Noble. I see things online that are false all the time, and I start out believing it. They sometimes worry me. But after I have a conversation with somebody and they tell me it's probably fake, I can relax. Just this weekend, I was watching Markiplier stream Welcome To The Game 2.0, and a website popped up saying that many news outlets reported that aliens were gonna land on the St. Louis Arch and evaporate all humanity in the United States. I panicked and told my gf that we had to leave the country (I suggested we could live with my relatives in Manitoba, Canada) and after I told her the story, she said it sounded false. We both did some research, and there was no credible evidence, and the only things we could find on the conspiracy were referencing Welcome To The Game. My advice to everyone is when you see something on the Internet that sounds crazy and makes you worried, do your research. If it's credible, do everything in your power so you don't get involved. If it's fake however, just leave it be, and just like Noble said, don't get butthurt about it.

  4. Yeah, my stance the whole time was: "sounds believable, I was pretty upset about the episode myself, but since I've yet to see a single example or evidence of these 'death threats', I'm going to shut up instead of chastizing an entire fanbase on something I don't even know if it happened"
    Sometimes people get carried away to conclusions really easily, especially on matters that allow them to claim the moral highground.
    So do everyone a favor and make sure your research is straight before making a fool of yourself.

  5. Cult mentality is sadly the running force of American culture. They've taken democracy and twisted it into something of a guideline to what is true in the world, despite countless stories, movies, tales, and history itself proving this to be a bad thing.

  6. You are amazing Noble! You have the sense to go and look for the evidence yourself rather than just take everybody else's word for it. The sense which so many of us lacked because we all got caught up in the heat of the moment, not unlike the characters during that episode. Now to go watch episode 15.

  7. I must say that I rushed this anime, I saw it last night (I didn't sleep because of that) and I must say that isn't a great anime at all but I understand why people like it, but for me… it could have been better. In fact… I must say that I only got invested in the last 3 episodes (13, 14 and 15). The animation is not that great, the music (except for 3 songs) is forgettable and the writing was poor and slow. The voice acting is the best of the anime, by far. I must say that it is like… they only got well-thought episodes 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, and pieces of the rest of the show in order to point to the current time in the story and didn't know how to properly arrive at this point.

    But I get why people like or love this anime. They take the romance more… "seriously", at least for anime standards, they have well-designed characters, amazing voice actors, they "break" some clichés in writing an anime of this time and the characters seem to be more realistic (I mean, at least they talk when in others animes it takes them a whole season to say something that could reduce at least 10 stupid chapters), and that is great, but it really is the basic line to do a decent anime show (or whatever you do). Or the writer isn't that skilled or they didn't want to risk so much with this changes. *However*, it did become a great anime in those last episodes… but it does became an anime that won't surprise me because all that has been hapening and all that will come I already know because of the opening and all the clues that they throw in the first 3 episodes.

  8. While I personally don't like what happened with Ichigo and Zero Two, I think it will make what comes next better and interesting. I don't hate Ichigo, but she just always butts into Hiros life, which just gets annoying to me. Also, she seems to resign herself, but then comes back to trying to take Hiro back for herself, which is annoying to me, choose a damn path girl.

  9. While it is nice to know these "threats" were most likely not real, I stick by my notion of wanting what's best for the characters themselves as well as the creators, artists, and VAs. Heck even going to someone's art and telling them how much they want that character to die can really make one feel like their own work is being attacked. The illusion of "death threat" you might call it.

    But that's why I make it a point to talk about the characters cause as we seen… theres some hardcore 02 fans who just have absolute hatred of ichigo. And while yes Nobel your right in that they are have the right to their opinion… I do find that amount of hatred of a simple made up character is obsessed levels of insane for these fans. It just gets disheartening seeing post after post of how bad she "needs to die"… can't we all just be adults about this? Why not want the characters to get better or grow? Idk… that's my thoughts still on it all. But am happy to know it's not real. Don't need another re:zero or especially Tokyo ghoul on our hands with actual threats. (And over a OTP too… god…) sorry to bother you with such a long post

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