Sword Art Online II Reviewed on Anime Club!

Will and Reina discuss Sword Art Online season 2!

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28 Replies to “Sword Art Online II Reviewed on Anime Club!”

  1. I was a huge SAO fangirl (currently looking at its poster in my room) but after you get out of the: OMGEE SAO CUL GOOD KIRITO ES HAWT ERMEGERD" stage you can see all the… Flaws. Kirito is bland (although he still is a character I like) Asuna is absolutely annoying (has anyone noticed that she never fought for her own freedom? Remember when she wanted to leave the guild? Why the hell did Kirito fight for her to leave? Why not fight herself? Dear lord. Otherwise she's… Alright I guess..) and whatever, show has potential wasted but I just see it as an entertaining anime rather than one where you get attached to characters and whatnot

  2. its just weird to me that asuna is consistently waiting by kirito's side, yet hes never all over her.  we hardly ever seen them kiss or say i love you. its almost like he hardly thinks of her till she in some mortal danger.

  3. Death guns actual name is SPOILER sterben which is german for die and I can imagine that most people in American and Japan where GGO is played do not speak german.

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