SUICIDE SQUAD: Hell to Pay — Trailer Debut (2018) Tara Strong, Christian Slater

Task Force X’s latest animated feature film produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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50 Replies to “SUICIDE SQUAD: Hell to Pay — Trailer Debut (2018) Tara Strong, Christian Slater”

  1. Amanda Waller lost a lot of weight, and got really younger. Sure why not but why do they keep getting Harley? I get that she is a favorite for all the wrong reasons among the fans but in the end she's just a crazy chick with a baseball bat. At least Captain Boomerang's boomerangs are high tech. She just uses a regular bat. And don't give me that "she's a good fighter" crap. This is the DC universe. Almost every villain has genius level intellect and an expert at hand to hand combat.

  2. Question: If the Justice League was mentally subjugated by Vandal Savage long enough to conquer a galaxy AND he's lived for thousands of years just by his wits… how are these jokers going to succeed where millions including gods among men failed? Killer Frost is the ONLY one that stands a chance of slowing him down, much less killing him. He's a meteor radiation enhanced caveman who gained eternal youth and ultra human healing ability.

  3. I Sound Like At Future Crossover With A Version Of Ben 10, Just Because Is The Old Rust Bucket Of Grampa max Tennyson In The Film!.(Sună Ca Un Viitor Crossover Cu O Versiune Ben 10, Din Cauză Că Ie Vechia Relotă A Bunicului Max Tennyson În Film!.).!.

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