Steins Gate 0 Teaser Trailer (2018) Anime Series

Steins;Gate 0 Zero Teaser Trailer — 2018 Anime Series

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About Steins Gate Zero
The Steins;Gate 0 (シュタインズ・ゲート ゼロ Shutainzu Gēto Zero) anime is an adaptation of a spin-off visual novel by the same name that is being marketed as a «true sequel» visual novel, as opposed to being a fan disc. However, though Zero is part of the main canon, it is narratively not taking place after the true ending of the original story but technically before said ending. Zero is a side story that explores events from the Beta Attractor Field’s future that contribute in making the end of the original story possible.

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23 Replies to “Steins Gate 0 Teaser Trailer (2018) Anime Series”

  1. Question (S;G season 1 spoilers):

    Why did they choose this timeline? (Where Okabe never gets slapped by Mayuri, never gets a message from his future self, hence he never tried a 2nd time to successfully save Kurisu)
    It seems kind of arbitrary. They already showed that he saved her in the 1st season. Why edit the ending of the 1st season like this?
    Or would knowing this spoil S;G 0?

  2. I have a question. If you timetravelled and you killed your grandmother in the past, will your existence be gone ?? Because if your existence will begone, therefore you won't have your grandmother killed right? then you exist???? (Sorry for my english) These are just my random shower thoughts though.

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