Spongebob Anime Opening #1 by Narmak [Switched OP Music]

Animation by Narmak
All credits go to the owners. Video is not monetized, if you see ads those aren’t mine.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkL4CjckRZ0&t=3s

Opening song: Fairy Tail opening 16 — Strike Back

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Edit (2/9/2018)

Seems like there are still salty people that I posted this vid of the anime opening and people consider it as a «Reupload» even though I purposely changed the opening music to see how it would fit with the anime opening and this one seemed to fit almost perfectly hence why I wanted to share it with other people and mean no harm to Narmak. If he wants the video down, I’ll take every single one of them down without hesitation. I do appreciate the support you guys show Narmak and like defend him, I understand he has gone through people stealing his vids and re-uploading them without a single edit or crediting him.

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41 Replies to “Spongebob Anime Opening #1 by Narmak [Switched OP Music]”

  1. I see many people saying it's the wrong song, this vid was one of the 5 I uploaded for the Spongebob anime opening but with different anime songs hence why it has a #1 in it. I probably should've uploaded them all in one vid but I was afraid of it getting copyrighted and blocked worldwide. This was uploaded waaaaaaay before the second opening so I can understand the confusion when the second one was uploaded. To the white knights that were constantly crying and insulting me on how it was a reupload and how I reuploaded it for views, money and subs. I don't give a fuck about any of them, I don't monetize other people's work, I didn't ask for people to subscribe or like the video. I simply made this video to switch up the anime songs to see how it would fit the opening and when I did it with the Fairy Tail opening I was surprised how much it fitted with the animation so I wanted to share it with my friends and with others. If Narmak wanted this video deleted I would've done so without a hesitation. I appreciate you guys defending him though, I know he went through some people reuploading his stuff without crediting him and linking any of his social media and stuff.

  2. Sorry,but SpartaXvi DID THE EDITING WAY BETTER than this one and with the same op song. You just downloaded the video and put 0 editing..so the song is not sync at all with the opening.This was on my recommended..and i thought its better,but nope.

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