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  2. ssb anime arcs:
    in the beginning arc
    the first battle arc
    welcome melee arc
    giga bowser arc
    role reversed kidnapping arc (mario gets kidnapped and peach goes to save him alone)
    welcome brawl arc
    different worlds arc (snake and sonic come in)
    subspace arc
    the chaos emeralds arc
    the 4th coming arc
    more universes arc (mega man, pac man, ryu, cloud and bayonetta coming in)
    truth about the smash ball arc
    subspace return arc
    tabuu's revenge arc (tabuu is revealed to be revived and everyone teams up to stop him again)
    the sacred 12 arc (the original 12 get new powers and use them in battle)

  3. my idea: other characters from the rosters' universes can appear and the original 12 seem to be getting more stronger than usually and actually hold some sort of special powers that even they dont know and there can be a saga based around unlocking those powers in them

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