SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online | Episode 1 «Squad Jam» (Live Reaction/Review)

Episode 1 «Squad Jam»


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9 Replies to “SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online | Episode 1 «Squad Jam» (Live Reaction/Review)”

  1. Kinda easy to tell why M gave her role of leader. Hes not nearly as agile or quick. Only the leader shows up on scans. Her high mobility makes it easy for her to evade combat or engage and for him to back her up at a distance, and she can either come back or go away again as necessary.

  2. Hmmm, yeah I can't quite take this anime seriously, but maybe it isn't meant to so that could be my mistake. For now I actually quite enjoy the characters so I would enjoy it if the anime focused more on them and less on the Squad Battles, seeing as all the rules seemed more like conveniences for the main character to win rather than conventional game balancing. Then again, I might be too nit-picky. It's not like I disliked this first episode too much after all.

  3. Just to clarify:
    Phantom Bullet: The Light novel/manga/anime timeline.
    Fatal Bullet: the video game timeline that splits into an alternate timeline at floor 75 in Hollow Fragment.

    SAO Alternative: GGO is a spinoff novel written by Keiichi Sigsawa (who also wrote Kino's Journey) happens during the Mother's Rosario arc of SAO Season 2.

  4. Not a fan of sword art online, but clearly this is way different from how SAO works, plot, dialogue and story wise. I'm actually digging this. Although, the fact that there're barely any guys in the main group is kinda a turn-off for me, but this one look interesting enough.

  5. They said it was 6 man teams, and I believe it was 10 minutes between scans.

    I really wish you didn't judge it completely based on all other SAO shows. Even though you say stuff like you aren't expecting much and gunna just try to enjoy it, you then proceed to compare literally everything about the show to the main series, would be nice if you just tried to enjoy the show for what it is without the constant comparisons.

  6. The story is set after the Phantom Bullet Arc (the Death Gun incident). The Squad Jam, a battle royal tournament, came into being inspired by the 3rd Bullet of Bullets ( Kirito and Sinon working together).

    Ordinal Scale is an Original Story but Kawahara-sensei was involved in writing the plot and it is considered at the very least semi-canon if not straight up canon.

  7. "Sideshows", or spinoffs, can end being just as big or bigger than the original, so don't go dissing them beforehand. 

    I expect this series to get a lot of hate "'cus SAO", but the story has a different author, so you can expect things to play differently.  At the very least, there will be no "glomp" here..

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