Public «ADULT» Virtual Reality EXPOSED at Anime Expo!! BUTTON CHECK

Public «VR SEX» EXPOSED at AnimeCON!!

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32 Replies to “Public «ADULT» Virtual Reality EXPOSED at Anime Expo!! BUTTON CHECK”

  1. Listen… if I can laugh, then it's good enough to exist in 'public'. Lmao!

    I wouldn't have rich moments like this, if people took that advice of keeping it at 'home'. Humanity as a whole is a 'national treasure' and these are many of its wholesome 'precious' traits & moments.

    This wouldn't be an episode without things like this. Have it there brother! Cheers and keep the content coming!

  2. I went to AX and even though I am a virgin and like anime, theres is no way in hell I would dare do this VR thing.

    It just be plain embarassment to myself and it would make me look bad in real life and social media. Hell I didnt even know where this VR booth was at till I watched the video

  3. This is OD on so many levels, this is just absolutely sad to see. This actually makes me wanna go through a period of self-reflection to avoid hitting a point in my life where I feel like I need to do that to appease my sexual urges, because that (especially since it was in public) is just sad…

  4. This goes to show that if u're a nerd, geek, dork n a loser being a millennial or a Gen X all ur life. This is what it comes down to, a virtual porn device that u had something in common cuz of ur hobbies. Lol. I wonder if sexual molesters, predators n a rapist ever considered getting one instead of being locked up in prison for all their lives committing crimes. 😆😂🤣🤣🤣

  5. I also think that the VR shit is weird, but! This is the age of digital porn and we all know for the most part them boys ain’t getting ass. So I can’t be mad at them for getting their little rocks off.

    I’d try it out to to be honest. Just to shit on their stroke game cause mine’s real and and effective. 😂

    They took the shit literally in front of men and women alike and didn’t even put on a show. They looked like all the virgins you see in most hentai. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  6. Yeah I was there at AX. You had to make a big ass line to get into the booth 😂 No I did not boned the plastic doll because I ended up not even staying.

  7. I saw kaho shibuya test it out. I'm ok with that. Guy doing I'm ok with that. It was provided not saying it wasn't going to be ugly, but it was provided.

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