Pokemon Episode Banned, Pokemon GO Anime, New Pokemon Johto Movie

Pokemon Episode Banned, Pokemon GO Anime, New Pokemon Johto Movie, along with Pokemon Go making Billions, Pokemon events coming out for Pokemon GO, a bit more Pokemon News.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon English Dub Anime Episode Banned

Pokemon Reveals Gorgeous New Movie Poster

Pokémon Quest downloads pass 7.5 million

‘Pokémon GO’ Has Made $1.8 Billion As It Turns Two Years Old

Pokémon Go creators Niantic reveal anime adaptation of Ingress

‘Pokemon Go’ 2nd anniversary event introduces a new summer Pikachu
‘Pokemon Go’ 2nd anniversary event introduces a new summer Pikachu

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  1. There was also that episode that got banned because it had certain repetitive visual effects that induced photosensitive epileptic seizures in a substantial number of Japanese viewers. As a result of the seizures 685 viewers were taken to hospitals; 2 people remained hospitalized for more than two weeks. Due to this, the episode has not been rebroadcast worldwide

  2. I have both male & female versions of the event Pikachu. On an unrelated note, I almost transferred over a Shiny Squirtle during the Squirtle event, because I was interrupted by a phone call right after I touched it

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