36 Replies to “Pinched Animation Short Film”

  1. I’m not sure what the story is “exactly” but the way I see it from how I feel in this world is I’ve never really cared for/about anyone until finally I met this one girl who changed my life forever and she makes my world have meaning and makes it beautiful. That’s how I see it, but what do I know.

  2. I went through maybe the first 50 comments. Everyone's distracted how the animation resembles another or that there was a moral to this story. Sometimes a story is just a story. This could if been how it went for someone. It doesn't have to be fucking correctly put as you might think. How I felt ,it was a personal story. Mad props to the writer and illustrator.

  3. Such a beautiful video…..im a felon and have worked this dead end job now 13 years trying to be a better person i keep to myself and have a cat for company…we just got a new server that works with us and she held my hand one time….my whole life seemed to change…first time i felt a womans touch in 15 years…..i feel so alone in the world….its better im just gone……

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