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In the year 2026, the Augma is released to the public as an alternative system to the AmuSphere, due to its function to simulate reality while the player is conscious rather than using FullDive. The most prominent combat-based game is Ordinal Scale, in which a player’s abilities are ranked by ordinal numbers. And so our review of Ordinal Scale: Sword Art Online (SAO) Anime Movie begins. Welcome to The Ruby Tuesday

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One Reply to “Ordinal Scale: Sword Art Online (SAO) Anime Movie Review | The Ruby Tuesday”

  1. Whats wrong with this
    that little head piece is definitely not capable of what it is in this.

    The times where the writers forget this is reality and they still break the laws of physics.
    like when the guy jumped off a 2+ story bridge to protect a hologram for whatever reason and did not get injured.

    saying (insert character) was around during established events. doesn't have any impact since they were not there when it happened!

    how does the rating system work…that a person in the 110k + range can get to the top 10 in 2-3 days?
    same with kirito who was not used to being seriously active a few days ago to becoming a pro athlete or higher.

    all the tension this tries to build is wasted…all they have to do is take off those ear pieces…the things are just digital holograms that are not actually there…

    The Ar is able to do what nerve gear can do…

    the final boss of SAO clearly wasn't designed to be defeated since they had to do all kinds of things they couldn't do originally.

    Asuna was suppose to have lost all her SAO memories other than when they got the house. yet she knows the mothers rosario skill?

    what is with this digital kayaba…they say that he is just a program…but its more like he is a spirit since he knows far too much about the future…

    the idea he could bring his dead daughter back by any method let along through AI

    that his daughter did come back even tho it didn't reach 10k

    The movie ends with "SAO will return"

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