Mobile Suit Gundam Online — First Look At This Amazing F2P Anime MMORPG!

● Greeting and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, today I’ll be taking a first look at the Anime, Action MMORPG Mobile Suit Gundam Online. Now it is in Japanese but thank’s to my friend EvBug, I was able to play it!

● He has a Youtube channel if you’re interested and wanna spread the love~
EvBug —

● Here’s the games Official website if you wan’t to play it!
Also if you have any trouble installing it feel free to message EvBug on our MMOByte Discord.

● Official Website —
● Discord link —

● Enjoy!

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● Outro: Rameses B — Beside You (feat. Soundr)

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42 Replies to “Mobile Suit Gundam Online — First Look At This Amazing F2P Anime MMORPG!”

  1. For refrence your lantency and ping = they see you before you see them when running around the corner prob a second ahead of time thus the 1 shot feeling. Hence why american's can't play this competitvely and honestly shouldn't play it. Fact is you are handy capping your team by playing. With that kind of disadvantage a newbie 7yo could beat you.

  2. How the hell did you download this? I'm only getting 10-30 KB/s which would take over a week to download. And I know for a fact that it's server side because I had a few friends test it as well who get over 100 KB/s download speeds.

  3. Hey Micky can you please help me donwloaded this game please i tried it twice but never works so can you please do a step by step turorial downloading this game please it willl be very much helpful thank you please comment me back i really need your help

  4. i usually play on the japanese version, got nice suits for both earth and zeon side. This game is really fun tho. I'm currently updating the new TW version so i'll be trying that see the difference. I hope to get the english interface because that's the only thing i want. If i don't get that then i might as well play the japanese version because i got too many good suits.

  5. Im not sure but long ago i think when i was 15 years old i download a gundam pvp game that was like this but had the actual gundam machines and looks pretty awesome but it was Japanese base but there was an english patch for it. Im not sure if its still active as of today but im 23 years now so that was awhile ago. It was pretty cool. There's alot of gundam base games out there now even for mobile.

  6. Calling non gundam unit gundam

    Calls a GM a fucking gundam

    kill me plz…

    thanks for reviewing this tho! im a huge gundam fan and i really hope for once one of these gundam online games GET PORTED TO THE U.S (fuk SD Gundam that was shit)

  7. Looks like this is based in the UC series. GMs and Zeon units aren't Gundam, by the way. The only Gundam you had, Wiggy, was the Gundam Mk-II. Gameplay looks like it uses some pretty old mechanics. Also, how do you use your shield?

  8. 2nd time I heard someone call MSGO an MMORPG.
    Despite the fact that it isn't an RPG in the slightest.
    Don't feel like watching the vid but kinda surprising that you don't mention that it requires a Japanese VPN it be played. (Unless it's the Taiwan version which is extremely outdated (main one is onto CCA) and naturally has a risk of being shutdown before the main one)
    Also gg with the Dynasty warriors gundam reborn pic.

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