22 Replies to “Llenn and Fuka’s Awesome Strategy | Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO Ep 9”

  1. Why is it that EVERY male GGO player is always less compotent than every female player? It's like saying only girls are good at using guns, and guys are just noobs and perverts. It's fucking offensive. Also, there's the fact that every male player looks like an adult. It mainly stems from the lack of male characters (excluding M). Seriously, every male GGO player has been portrayed as a noob or a loser while every female player is a pro. And I am telling you it is triggering.

  2. The main character is like wasting bullet. I like the old GGO that kirito and sinon use gun, more accurate and briliant , like a pro, doesnt like this GGO suck, u know most of this player is easy to kill in real life fps game. If u guys know what i meen

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