Let’s Compare: Anime vs. Novel | Sword Art Online | ALO Arc

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Salutations Everyone and welcome to Let’s Discuss: Anime vs. Novel (or Manga depending on the series) where we take some key plot points that either the anime of a novel or manga, brushes off or doesn’t bring much attention to and bring it into the light and ask «Why» would they leave such things left out.

Discussion Topic Today: Sword Art Online — ALfheim Arc

I hope you enjoy. There may be some spoilers but it will be announced at the beginning of the video as a disclaimer. I don’t like being spoiled, so I’d hate to do it to others.

Music: «Spring Roll» created by my buddy Ryan Fuhst

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9 Replies to “Let’s Compare: Anime vs. Novel | Sword Art Online | ALO Arc”

  1. Meh, as much as I wanted to see those parts, They cant just make as many episode as they want. They cant just say "Give me another million and a few months for us to make some more sword art". They decided they had enough time and money to make 26 episodes, so knowing that they had to leave things out to make it fit.

    Not that I am trying to say I am totally fine with any change made to the series especially when those changes are causing the series be insulted. An example from this season is tokyo ghoul. but the worst of all time is toriko, just thinking about it makes me wanna puke especially since I am  huge toriko fan.

  2. Idk. I only knew the parts you read to us. Was pretty confused about the whole thing. I do remember one of my anime reviewers dislike the show but I don't think he read the light novels.

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