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  1. Adrian looks like he don't care about Marinette that's not him ! it's not. He likes her as ladybug and Marinette. And when she was gonna give him a gift he refused ! THAT'S NOT HIM. he needs to change Luke he was on the Original miraclous ladybug and chat noir.

  2. Esto está mejor que la serie actual pero Adrien es muy mal humorado me gustaría que lo cambien su humor en la serie actual y es muy guapo 😍cuando se transforma y también marinette cuando se transforma jajaja 😂😂

  3. Wiill y'all quit whining about how its not a dark, dramatic anime series and that its "wasted its potential"? Because I'd rather have some super high quality 3D animation that is gorgeous considering the production budget than have some kids having epileptic seizures because Ladybug's spots are constantly moving on the bright background of her suit and triggering fits in the 2D version. And as for the idea that the anime style would make it dark and dramatic? Bullshite. It'd still have basically the same writers, producers and directors regardless of style. Even in this Marinette is still goofy and over the top clumsy, the only change really is that "Adrien" (Felix) is the overdone grumpy entitled tsundere anime boy stereotype with no charm or appeal.

    Stop whining. The 3D version is here. You cant change that. They were happy to release this as a tidbit for fans, Im sure they'd rather not have their own fans bitch about the show they CHOOSE to watch because it didn't have anime boys and explosions and wasn't Tokyo Ghoul in spotted leotards. Something being bright and fun is harmless, guys, can't you just accept a show that has great writing, gorgeous animation and a lot of work put into it instead of crying because it's not mature or anime style? Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

  4. I absolutely love this. The art style is gorgeous and I feel like, as an anime, it probably would have been considerably darker and more serious in tone (things I quite enjoy). But I also feel like, in its present form, it may act as a sort of gateway drug for a lot of kids, both into superheroes and into magical girl shows (which is bound to win plenty over to anime), so maybe it's not such a bad thing that it got made 3D instead of as a traditional anime. That said, I would be all over watching an anime adaptation, and I would read the hell out of a manga…

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